Valentines Day is near xo

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February 10, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! Wow… Valentines day is this weekend!! That is so crazy, time goes by so fast! Today I decided to talk about what to wear for Valentines! I love having a new outfit for a holiday, especially when you are with your special someone! It’s fun to get dressed up and feel good when you are out and about with your lover! My favorite Valentines day outfit is probably a dress with some simple jewlrey or a scarf! It’s still cold in the month of February so its nice when you can have some extra layers to keep you warm and not look like a giant marshmallow… especially on your date! Haha!

All of our red scarves are 25% right now when you use the code: luvred25 at checkout! xo

Below, I added some of my fav Valentines items! I included a cupcake (because who doesn’t love cupcakes?!) red scarves, red handbags and everything else that falls under the category of Valentines! Enjoy!



We had a really fun photo shoot at Alisha’s Craving Cupcakes in Pleasant Grove, UT for all of our Valentines inventory. The staff, the shop and the cupcakes are all so wonderful! We hope you enjoy this picture as much as we enjoyed our cupcakes!


Okay I couldn’t just pick one scarf so I picked my 3 favs! The one on the bottom left is our Frankie Anchor Scarf, Bottom right is our Carrie Geo Flower Infinity scarf  and the scarf on top is our Leona Chunky Knit Scarf.  All these scarves would be perfect for your valentines outfit!


Am I making you guys hungry yet?! My favorite treat is a sugar cookie and it’s even sweeter when they are shaped like a heart! Have you ever tried Swigs sugar cookies?! If the answer is no… GO GET ONE NOW! You can thank me later.

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Plaid and scarves, probably the best combination that has ever happened to fashion!  Plaid will never go out of style and it’s always in high demand… everyone LOVES plaid! This is our Ashton Plaid Scarf! 

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This is the Cheryl Color colorblock handbag from! Finish off your outfit with one of their handbags! They are doing a sale on all of their red handbags right now so check them out!!

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all have a great valentines day! xoxo




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