Chic and Funky Scarfs

As winter approaches, putting a great outfit together needs even more creativity than you would like to imagine. Dressing for the season requires a lot of thought to avoid getting into the throw-on-your-jeans-and-a-sweater rut. Of course, it’s not about braving the cold and wearing short shorts over leggings or trying on new styles of trousers apart from the regular denims.

Winter is about getting creative and improvisational with your style, and scarves are a fun way of getting you out of your slump and completely dazzle up your ensemble.

Be it chunky and oversized thick knits, blanket wonders that wrap around, or patterned and print delights, scarves are truly your best companion during the cold of winter. Here are a few tips on how to style best with chic and funky looks.

Animal allure

Make a statement with a cat print faux fur scarf that can immediately bump up the funk factor in any outfit. Look glamorous with celebrity style fashion on your side. Pair it with your favorite jeans, knee length boots, and long sleeved top under a three-quarter sleeved loose fit sweater jacket.

Two toned delights

Soft hued and double toned scarves are all the rage. Versatile and absolutely warming, they pair delightfully with bold and bright colors. Stand out this winter and ground your choice of bright neon or vibrant color with a soft hued two toned cashmere scarf.

Colors and prints

color scarf

Grays and blacks usually make the winter palate. Add flashes of color to your winter looks with scarves that really bring life into your outfit. Try plaids in vermillion and mustard or bouncy prep greens and purples. Stick to warm and heartening shades and prints.

Textured knits

funky scarf

Experiment with your styling options and play with textured scarves to lend a completely new look to an otherwise regular outfit. Throw on a chunky infinity thick knit stole over a neutral ensemble of a skirt and shirt combo. Better still, style it up by securing the stole under a belt, which can add dimension and a high street fashion look.

Blanket j’adore

Introduce chic comfort to your ensemble with the scarf. Add a scarf to bring a bit of pop to your outfit, use color and comfort to your advantage. Oversized blanket scarves are ideal for cold winter days and have been reintroduced as chic ensemble makers. With cool prints in subdued shades, personalize your piece by getting your initials printed on.

Celebrity Scarf Looks

It’s every girl’s dream to look like a celebrity, but did you know that simple additions in your outfit can bring you a celeb-like look in no time? Winter does not automatically equate to wearing dowdy clothes; you can still stay on top of fashion by dressing and accessorizing like your favorite Star. Here are some of the coolest and most sophisticated ways to wear your scarf this season.

Match perfectly

celeb scarf

Match color to color. If you’re going neutral this winter, then work it to the max. Hue on hue is a fabulous look and works beautifully on neutral shades like cream, navy, white, camel, and black. Get a more sophisticated look by playing with fabrics that can bring out the allure in material. Pair long skinny knits with metallic or leather jackets in a similar color.

Go oversized

Oversized is in and in good time too, with winter blizzards and storming up cold regions. Wrap yourself up, keep cozy, and look fabulous in a woven scarf that works great with any outfit. Look awesome in a pair of leather skinnies, long knit top, long overcoat, and an oversized wraparound scarf.

For the not-so-cold days

On days when it’s not too cold, try an infinity scarf or a single wrap around to keep you warm and styling. Pair your wrap with a regular sweater top over some jeans and boots, and you’re good to go. Or, try the infinity look—our personal favorite—with a pair of leggings, button down sweater, loose fit overcoat, and a shoulder strap bag.

Light and subtle prints are great for an everyday look that complements your outfit well. Soft blue plaid scarves on white tops and jeans under a camel hooded overcoat makes a great option while running errands or hopping to the store.

Spruce it up


Bring out the glam factor with a pair of fitted ankle crop jeans, black blazer over a hoodie sweater, and a tasseled and printed scarf that adds color and fresh perspective to your look. Or, pair a leather fringe jacket with an oversized scarf for a comfortable, yet cool and hip look.

The mysterious scarf can work wonders and completely transform your outfit, as well. Use a lightweight scarf and knot it around the neck to make it seem like an infinity scarf. Worn over an oversized coat with blouse and skirt over tights, it will make you feel like a glamorous diva.

If you like monochromes, then embrace the idea of pairing a fitted gray twill overcoat with a matching gray and white scarf.

DIY: Homemade Beauty Products

We know how much you all love DIY posts, so we’ve got another one for you! This one is centered around cosmetics and skin care that you can make at home. After diamonds, cosmetics and skin care products are definitely a girl’s best friend. By using some simple tips for creating great homemade beauty products, you can have consistent, glowing skin.

More often than not, commercial beauty products do more harm than good. Far from the image projected, commercial brand skin care lines use synthetic and unnatural materials to create their products—products we use on a regular basis.

Commercially produced cosmetics invariably incorporate elements like petroleum byproducts. These kinds of ingredients are harsh and can quickly clog skin pores, preventing healthy skin from breathing and staying fresh. Natural cosmetics are the healthiest option for your beautiful body. Tend to your body like the temple it is and treat it with care through homemade beauty products.

Here are some lovely handcrafted alternatives to regular everyday beauty products.

Natural Body Scrub

Natural Body ScrubHandmade cosmetics are incredibly inexpensive, but most of their major ingredients required are found right in your pantry. All you need is a base or scrubbing agent—sugar, ground coffee, salt, or Epsom salts are great examples. Add a carrier oil like almond, canola, or avocado, and a dash of color found in herbs like lavender and rosemary. Spices like nutmeg or cinnamon also make excellent additions. The herbs and spices can give a great aromatherapy effect while you scrub away dead skin.

Facial Mask

Homemade facial maskHoney, milk, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and turmeric are basic ingredients needed to make a quick and effective face mask. The simplest combination is the honey and cinnamon face mask. All you need to do is mix the two components together, apply onto your face, and let rest for about 15 minutes.

Face Cleanser

Face cleanserA combination of olive oil, honey, and cider vinegar makes a delightful face cleanser. Simply apply the mixture onto your face and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. Or, try a blended yogurt and cucumber facial cleanser. Apply the mixture over your face and rinse in five minutes for glowing skin.

Lip Gloss

Homemade Lip GlossCreate your own lip balm by melting beeswax and coconut oil together. Add a few drops of Vitamin E oil and your choice of essential oil and leave it to cool. Voila! You’ve made your own personalized nourishing lip gloss to keep your kisser soft. Store it in a sample jar or other small airtight container.


Homemade ShampooSoak Chamomile tea bags in hot water for 10 minutes and mix about 4 tablespoons of grated soap flakes and 1½ tablespoons glycerin to it. Let it rest for a few hours, and then pour it into a bottle for use. You can add an essential oil of your choice to the shampoo for a relaxing feeling.


Accessories Can Make or Break a Look

You may dress well, but the look is incomplete without the right accessories. We can loosely define a fashion accessory as a secondary item that contributes to a wearer’s outfit. An accessory can be a purse, jewelry, gloves, shoes, jackets, boots, suspenders-the list is endless. In fact, anything other than your clothes is an accessory.

fashion accessories

Fashion accessories for all seasons

Fashion accessories are just as important as the clothes. Some of the fashion accessories that are in style all year round are sunglasses, jewelry, and handbags. Even in the Summer, when the sun is hot and shining, you can look your fashionable best. Oversized sunglasses are the latest trend. Find what shape suits you best and match the color with your outfit. Wayfarers, aviators, cat eye, and many more styles are up for grabs.

Jewelry, nowadays, is no longer a female-dominated domain. Of course, women have always obsessed about jewelry, but designers today are designing jewelry exclusively for men. With stars like Johnny Depp walking out in jeweled finery, it is the latest trend to take the world by storm. Rings, cuffs, cuff links, tie bars, bracelets, and chains are in. There is a slight risk of overdoing it with jewelry, but do what suits you and whatever you are comfortable with. Do not follow trends blindly.

When it comes to accessories, scarves can be an inexpensive way to make any outfit complete. Even for men, scarves are a necessity for every season. During the summer, a nice silk scarf can help protect your skin from the sun while keeping you cool when a breeze passes by. In the winter, a great knit scarf can add pizzazz to your outfit while keeping the chill off your neck.

Handbags, including a range of man purses or messenger bags, are the most important yet practical accessory these days. The range, color, and designs vary as per the occasion and you can never fail with a classic style.

hatAnother emerging trend is hats. Now this is where the trend does a 360. Instead of men, it’s women who are into hats. The trend snowballed into full-fledged fashion starting with Prince Williams’ wedding. No one could have predicted then that this would be back in vogue in such a big way.

Choosing the right accessories

A look is incomplete without the right accessories. An individual’s style reflects in the way they accessorize. In fact, the right accessories can restyle an old repeat outfit, make an inexpensive garment look expensive, give you a new style, and make you look completely different.

Just like the garment one wears, the accessory can change the entire look. They can draw attention to or away from any part of the body. Accessories can lengthen or shorten your height. An accessory can make you look elegant or boho chic and contribute to your personality, be it a handbag, earrings, belt, tie, muffler, shoe or leg warmers. It can basically add a finishing touch to your overall look.