Reasons Why Women Love Scarves

Back on the fashion accessories trend this winter is immutable styling of the glorioscarves 1us scarf. Not only do scarves keep your outfit in check, but also make you feel comfortable and warm out in the biting cold of winter. Regarded as a girl’s best friend scarves have outplayed their role as typical fashion accessory and have transcended to the position of essential items in every modern woman’s wardrobe arsenal.

Here are a few ultimate reasons why women adore scarves. Continue reading

Fresh and Elegant Ways to Wear Scarves

scarf fashionAcclaimed by fashion gurus the world over as the new fashion necklace this season, scarves remain to be top hot and popular style additions. Everybody, men and children included, enjoys wearing scarves as soon as the temperature drops. However one of the most common obstacles women face is what to do with their scarves, apart from the ever mundane double loop around the neck. Continue reading

Creative Ways to Match Scarves and Dresses

scarvesWomen mostly find themselves at a loss when it comes to pairing scarves with dresses. Let’s leave behind the functional aspect of scarves, and let’s focus on all the many ways it can brighten up and decorate your outfit.

There are several ways you can go about accentuating your look with a scarf. Though for those who are just about discovering the immense versatility that comes with accessorizing your outfit with a scarf, here are a few quick pointers to make pairing scarves with dresses a lot more interesting and fun. Continue reading

Kim of The Sensible Stylista


Meet Kim from The Sensible Stylista, we love how she styled our Zebra Print Pashmina with a fancy crop top/mini skirt matching set. Kim is a Korean-American girl living in Baltimore, Maryland. When Kim isn’t blogging about her fabulous fashion sense she can be found playing the piano. She has studied music “for what seems like an eternity.” We love this musically talented fashionista, show her some love and check out her sensible blog!

Unconventional Scarf Dos

trendy scarfScarves have been a staple attire for centuries now, and have inspired creative endeavors from fashion stylists the world over, with new techniques and chic ways of wearing them to suit more modern avant-garde looks. Here are some featured ways and fun tricks to using scarves in a whole new way of atypical and offbeat styles. Continue reading