Six Ways to Wear a Loop Scarf

Today’s guest writer, Eboni, is an expert on looking fashionable without spending the big bucks. In this vlog, she gives her take on six ways to wear a loop scarf. If you’re interested in more ways to tie a scarf, be sure to check out our side project, “How to Tie a Scarf” on

reversible loop scarf

Hi there! My name is Eboni, and I am the author of The Fashionista Next Door, a personal style blog all about affordable fashion. For fashionistas on a budget it doesn’t get any better than, so I am thrilled to be partnering with them to show you a few ways to wear a loop scarf! I recently received the fabulous Reversible Loop Scarf courtesy of, and I’ve been having a great time trying new ways to wear it. This scarf is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I just love the vibrant print. It’s perfect for adding a little color to your fall ensembles and it will also transition into Spring wonderfully! If you like what you see, you can get a lovely Reversible Loop Scarf of your own for only $14.49!
In today’s video I’ll be showing you SIX different ways to wear a loop scarf.

• The Double Loop
• The Triple Loop
• The Knot
• The Head Wrap
• The Shawl
• The Basic Scarf

So tell us, how do you wear your loop scarf?

Tips for Styling Jeans and Scarves for Winter

Amanda is a writer and blogger living in San Diego, CA. She loves to write about stylish jeans – especially high waist jeans for women that look great but don’t break the bank- so today’s she’s talking about the classic combo of jeans and scarves. Check it out, and be sure to tell us your favorite way to combine the two!

When you think of wintertime, you think of warm clothes: big jackets, scarves, gloves, beanies and cute boots. Jeans are the perfect way to keep warm during the cold weather, and they go with everything, especially scarves! Jeans complete the all-American look and have been around for decades. This means that through the years designers have perfected their style and comfort to fit the female body perfectly. All women should be able to enjoy designer jeans at an affordable price.

Helen Cozy Scarf - scarves.netOne of the designers women go to when looking for the right jean is 7 For All Mankind; this brand is one of the most recognizable on the market with their swooping logo on the back pockets of all 7 jeans. These jeans are more on the casual side, providing a tight, comfortable fit and stylish design. Many stores have discount 7 jeans that will go great with a colorful trench coat, a cozy scarf and some cute booties to keep you nice and warm during those cold days. Another great look that goes with 7 jeans is a bright cardigan matched with some patent leather pointed heels. 7 jeans can even go with a comfortable camisole and sandals. Whatever you prefer, 7 jeans are the perfect all around jean to own.

Casey Ombre Scarf - scarves.netAnother style of jeans that is becoming more popular is high waist jeans for women, which most women wouldnot think to buy. High-waist jeans should hit at the natural waistline or slightly above. If you do not know where your natural waistline is, the trick is to take a piece of string or elastic and wrap around your apparent waist, then slightly bend at the waist, front to back and side to side. The string will end up falling onto your natural waistline. High-waisted jeans come in a skinny jean look, but the most popular is the flared look. Most women might steer away from these so-called “mom jeans,” but when you style them up just right, you will find out how comfortable and cute they really are.

Some great tips to follow when wearing high-waist jeans include choosing a form-fitting top and tucking it into the jeans. You can also try to find ways to bring more attention upwards by tying a brightly colored crinkle scarf around your neck. Wearing a belt with this outfit can accentuate your curves and make your body look longer. Be careful, though – wearing a loose shirt can take away from the style of the jeans and may distract from the women’s body, looking too overwhelming. Wedges, gladiator sandals and heels are the best
shoes to perfect this look. If you love accessories, go with a simple cotton scarf
and stylish bangles – this will bring your outfit together.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate a scarf into your jeans wardrobe, be sure to check out our 37 different ways to tie a scarf! Let us know your favorite below!

Finding Inspiration Through the Colors of Fall

Today’s guest blogger, Tiffany, is the Eco/Organic Living and Artsy Contributing Editor at Baby Loving Mama. A lover of healthy living and eco-friendly products, she is a mama to three year old daughter Aeowyn and wife to Alister. Tiffany’s true passions include art, fashion design and sewing, and the empowerment of women through motherhood. In this post, she covers some of her favorite colors for fall fashion, and the nature that inspires them.

It’s September, and what? Summer’s over? Deep breath and sigh…but after I’m done with mourning summer, the excitement of autumn starts to kick in. Anticipation builds. Following the light and airy dresses under the hot summer sun, the crisp autumn air can be a refreshing reminder of the beautiful colors to follow. I often look forward to these vibrant colors. If I think of the seasons strictly through the visual hues they represent to me, autumn is sure my favorite seasonal palette. Bold, rich, deep colors. As a painter and textile artist, I think of fashion as Art. If we break it down to the basic elements of Art and Design, color, to me, is probably the one with the most power to pop. We can say so much by the colors we wear.

We can also take great fashion inspiration from our seasonal change, not only by adding layers but also from the amazing color schemes that are right before us! Nature truly provides a prime time for catching these prominent rays of color. Some of the favorite colors for this fall:

MUSTARD, as in the Craspedia Billy Balls Yellow Flower.

Mustard as Fall Fashion Mustard Scarf

Nature Photo Credit: Barbara Stellmach, Gingerlee Photography

Mustard as a nice, bold color adds a wonderful visual interest to any fall outfit. I enjoy the glow mustard seems to have on the skin. This color inspiration is easily tapped with the Jennifer Crinkle Scarf or the Stephanie Mohair Shawl in Mustard Yellow.

ROYAL BLUE, like the last wild blueberries for picking.

Fall Fashion BlueBlue Crinkle Scarf

Nature Photo Credit: Barbara Stellmach, Gingerlee Photography

Royal blue, with its rich, gem-like intrigue, is a fantastic way to play on gem tones this season…from the earth and turning the vavoom volume up! Who says blue is just for boys? Give blue a flare with the Martha Crinkle Scarf.

LIPSTICK RED and OLIVE as an autumn leaf taking its gentle place on a moss bed, Nature’s Carpet.

Autumn leaf

Nature Photo Credit: Barbara Stellmach, Gingerlee Photography

Lipstick Red, what a sexy color! Seriously, don’t you think so? Even under the layers of the biting fall air, red pulls through for us! An aside if you will: Lipstick Red, to me, will always carry a connection to the original process of creating the first red dyes…crushing of insect blood! Maybe that’s why red is such a color of power? Pigments are fascinating, aren’t they? Accessorizing with such a powerful color is a fast way to add richness to any occasion. And, needless to say, wearing this color may cause heads to turn in your direction!

Knit Beret Brown Crinkle Scarf Solid Colored Pashmina

Beret Photo Credit: Knittles Shop

This classic beret deserves a scarf and calls out for a winning color combination with another classic tone, such as this Abigail Crinkle Pashmina in Coffee Brown. Truly, a deep and vivid chocolate brown is a clear favorite for all.

Continuing on inspiration from the earthy moss, Olive presents a nice sturdy foundation to connecting to the inspiring fall color scheme this season, as seen in the Solid Colored Pashmina in Dark Green.

When you know what colors work on you, they can be a creative way to make an outfit your own and to add life to your daily outfits. What are some of your favorite colors to wear during this autumn season? Do you dare to be courageous? One piece of color homework: we all have those comfortable colors – why not try out a new color this season? Does a Lipstick Red scarf have so much personality it may, gasp, scare you? Try it! Why not? Remember that using color brings instantaneous satisfaction, and your happy glow from it may be contagious. One more thought: draw inspiration from your surroundings this fall, and take that extra pause to take a deep breath. What inspires you?

Interview with Molly from Smart Pretty and Awkward

You’re probably familiar with today’s guest, Molly Ford, the author of the consistently entertaining and inspirational blog, Smart Pretty and Awkward. Every weekday, Molly gives her readers three tips guaranteed to make us all just a little bit smarter, prettier and less awkward. Her tips include great internet finds, helpful advice, and thought-provoking quotes. Here’s one of my favorite recent tips:
How to be (less) Awkward: Don’t title an email with “Sorry.” Chances are whatever you are apologizing for–be it your phone dying when you were in the middle of the conversation, or for accidentally forgetting something important at work, the thread will continue after the apology has been offered and accepted. And then for the rest of the thread, going back and forth, when you see the email come into your inbox you (and the other person) will be reminded of the mistake.
Great advice, right? And it’s something you might not think of on your own.
We took this opportunity to pick Molly’s brain for some Smart Pretty and Awkward fashion tips – read and enjoy!
1. Where did you come up with the idea for Smart Pretty and Awkward?

I came up for the idea for SP&A when I was a senior in college, doing an internship in finance. One day in the bathroom at work, while I was blotting my face with a clean toilet seat cover, I started to think of ways I could share fun little tips like that with other girls. I was also looking for a creative outlet at the time, so the two ideas (write a blog + share tips) combined well.

I chose the name Smart Pretty and Awkward because I think everyone can relate to spending part of their days feeling smart, part of their days feeling pretty, and (if you’re me at least!) part of your days feeling awkward.

2. Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

From my friends, my sister, people I walk by on the street, the Urban Outfitters catalog, and blogs I read.

3. What’s your favorite summer fashion?

Wearing a dress, pretty flats,  and my hair down, and scampering all over the Village in NYC. It is one of the times when I feel the prettiest. It’s less of a fashion choice and more of a mood!

4. What Smart, Pretty, Awkward tips do you have for our readers in terms of scarves?

Scarves are most certainly NOT just for the winter! So much of the summer is spent inside, being cold in air conditioning, so a scarf is the perfect thing to keep in your work drawer or purse to throw on when you find yourself inside a chilly building. Also, a pretty scarf tied onto a handbag is one of my most favorite—and most inexpensive—ways to polish up an entire outfit.

5. What are some of your favorite scarves we sell here at ScarvesDotNet?

Of course, anyone that knows me know I’m obsessed with giraffes, so I was immediately drawn to the Giraffee Print Scarf . With simple khaki shorts and a white v-neck with espadrilles, you could look both safari-bound and adorable.summer circle scarf

I’ve also been craving a loop scarf but was worried that they were made for the colder months only. I was delighted to find the Natalie Circle Scarf in white/blue. It not only combines tie-dye (a trend of this season), but is also in a lightweight summer cotton.

Finally, my mom has a birthday coming up and I can see her loving this Nautical Square Scarf…and I can see myself borrowing it from her whenever I’m home!