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Stacie is an obsessive scarf collector who loves to think up new scarf-tying ideas. (Seriously, scarves = Stacie kryptonite.) Current favorite? This ruffled beauty. When she’s not blogging about scarves or ogling new prints and patterns, Stacie loves to run, sew, Mod Podge, and work on her DIY fashion blog. Find her on Twitter, @SewStacie.

DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

Every so often, I get a print stuck in my head, and I keep wearing and making it until I get sick of it. These days, that print is triangles. I love the geometric print on everything — pants, shirts, jewelry, and of course, scarves. :)

DIY Triangle Print Infinity ScarfImage sources: Proenza Schoeler Triangle Scarf, Kate Sheridan Bag, Triangle Print

Lately I’ve been seeing triangles everywhere — bags, prints, the runway — so I wanted to make a triangle print scarf of my own. It’s super simple, and you only need a bit of time!

Supplies you need:

DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

  • Paint (Soft Fabric Paint is best)
  • Scarf (I used the Claire infinity scarf; I love how soft it is. For a similar-hued scarf, I like this and this, too.)
  • Sponge
  • Water to dilute the paint
  • Paper/plastic to put under the scarf so it doesn’t bleed


DIY Triangle Print Infinity ScarfIt’s quite simple to add a print to your scarf! You can use this for any technique:

  • First, I put the paint on a plate in different amounts and swirled them all together.
  • After that, I added a little bit of water to dilute the paint and make it easier to stamp all over the scarf.
  • Then, I got my sponge a bit wet and started stamping!
  • After one side of the infinity scarf was done, I let it dry and then stamped the other side. :)

After the scarf was done drying, I wanted to experiment a bit with how to tie an infinity scarf. The thing I love about scarves is that they make an outfit look effortless, but put together, too.
DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

DIY Triangle Print Infinity ScarfMy best attempt at an effortless infinity scarf knot. :) Looking for other ways to tie infinity scarves? Click below to check out the tutorials in the Knot Library!

how to tie an infinity scarf

How to Make a Constellation Scarf

How to Make a Constellation Scarf DIY

When I was in elementary school, we had this amazing thing called “Space Lab.” This gigantic, inflatable planetarium would sit in our gym for a week, and all of the classes took turns going in to learn about galaxies, constellations, and stars. Since then, I’ve always been inspired by space. Since I don’t have the math + science knowledge to do anything real with space, I’ve got quite a collection of space-inspired clothing. ;) (Galaxy scarf, galaxy dress, constellation cardigan – the list goes on and on.)

Inspiration: How to Make a Constellation Scarf DIY

Embroidery | Pillows | Star Chart

How to Make a Constellation Scarf DIY

To make a constellation scarf, you need:

-A black infinity scarf like the Dylan
-White embroidery floss
-Heat set rhinestones or silver beads (for the stars!)

Step 1

To begin, I looked at my little star chart and made running stitch outlines of each of the constellations. It’s just like drawing, but with a needle and thread. :)

How to Make a Constellation Scarf DIY

Step 2

Then, I used some crystals and a heat setting tool to add the stars. You can also stitch little beads in place of the stars, but I think the heat setting tool is really fun.

How to Make a Constellation Scarf DIY

And that’s it!

constellation_scarf-3 How to Make a Constellation Scarf DIY

I wore this scarf on a little Sunday afternoon stroll around New York to get groceries, finish tiny errands, and smell the spring flowers in the park. I love that even though it’s dark in color, it’s a lightweight scarf with an awesome design that I can wear year-round!

4 Ways to Tie a Scarf (Sailor Style!)

how to tie a scarf (sailor style)

When it comes to springtime, you can always expect a few things — like drizzly rainstorms, buoyant moods, and nautical-inspired fashions. What better way to express the arrival of spring than with a few nautical scarf knots? We’ve rounded up some sailor scarf styles to help you sail towards warm weather and those delicious park picnics. ;)

how to tie a scarf sailor style

How to tie the Angler’s Knot:

  1. With a long rectangle scarf, start by placing the scarf on the back of your neck.
  2. Bring both sides of the scarf around the front of your neck, and criss-cross them across your chest towards your back again.
  3. Then, you will cross-cross the scarf across the back of your neck once more.
  4. By now, the criss-crossed scarf at the front of your neck has formed two “loops.” Pull one of the loops next to your neck down a bit to loosen it up, and slip the closest end of the scarf through, letting the remainder of the scarf hang down your chest.
  5. Repeat the same on the other side, and you’ve got the “Angler’s Knot!”

how to tie a scarf sailor style

How to tie the Mermaid Loop:

  1. You’ll need two scarves for the “Mermaid Loop.”
  2. With your base scarf, fold it in half horizontally, and place the scarf around the back of your neck with a loop on one side.
  3. Pull one of the ends through the loop, twist the loop, and pull the other side through as well. (Similar to the Four-in-Hand.)
  4. Then, place an infinity scarf on top, and you’re good to go!

how to tie a scarf sailor style

How to tie the Fisherman’s Coil:

  1. For those days when you don’t want the ends of your scarf billowing in the salty sea breeze, the “Fisherman’s Coil” is the perfect scarf knot. Center a lightweight scarf at the back of your neck, and let the ends hang down the front of your chest.
  2. Loop the scarf once around your neck, so that the loop drapes near the center of your chest.
  3. Starting on one side, wrap one end of the scarf around the loop. Go around and around until you reach the end, and tuck it in.
  4. Repeat for the other side. You should have a coil-like result!

how to tie a scarf sailor style

How to tie the Double Monkey Fist:

  1. And finally, a sophisticated knot with a quirky name. To tie the “Double Monkey Fist,” you will need an infinity scarf.
  2. Start by placing it around your neck, and letting it hang down the front of you.
  3. Then, make a simple knot near your neck (as if you’re wearing a tie!).
  4. With the remainder of the dangling scarf, tie up another knot. That’s it!

And, as always, if you’re looking for countless other ways to tie a scarf, be sure to check out our Master List of Scarf Knots and The Knot Library! Here’s to a breezy spring full of flower buds, strolls on the beach, voyages in the schooner, and scarf-tastic knots. ;)

How to Make a T-Shirt Infinity Scarf

DIY t-shirt infinity scarf

When it comes to t-shirts, I’m a bit of a sentimental hoarder. All of my t-shirts from clubs, teams, committees, sorority events — I keep them all. Now there is no way one person can wear that many t-shirts, so I’ve grown accustomed to re-purposing my shirts into other items. I’ve made a t-shirt quilt, a t-shirt halter top, and a t-shirt flower dress. With my never-ending love for scarves, I don’t know why I haven’t thought to make a t-shirt scarf before now. :)

t-shirt infinity scarf materials

First you need to cut your shirts into rectangles of equal width. In addition to two shirts, I used a few extra panels of fabric to add some texture. (I also used this spine t-shirt from another project.)

how to make a t-shirt infinity scarf

After you’ve arranged your rectangles into two columns, you can sew them together with the insides facing each other. (This ensures that the printed sections of your t-shirt will be on the outside of the scarf.)

When you’ve finished sewing all the rectangles together, you should have two long columns of fabric. Sew the two columns together as well, with the printed sides of the fabric facing each other again.

Now you should have one long tube of fabric. Next, stitch the ends of the tube together, leaving a little hole where you can flip everything inside out.

step 3 diy t-shirt infinity scarf

After you’ve flipped everything inside out, you can stitch up the remaining hole. Then iron everything flat to make the seams of your scarf crisp.

iron scarf

 And that’s it!

infinity scarf made from a t-shirt

Style your scarf with your favorite winter coat or use it to make a simple outfit a bit more rock-and-roll. It’s a great way to immortalize those t-shirts you love but don’t want to wear as t-shirts anymore. :)

infinity scarf

make your own infinity scarf