Pantone-Inspired Scarves & Accessories!

At, we’re head-over-heels for the latest Pantone Color of the Year! Rich, vibrant Radiant Orchid is just the right amount of playful, polished, and pretty. Plus, purple has always been our choice for adding drama to our look (it’s the color of royals, after all)!

If you’re a little shy about this in-your-face color at first, stick to a scarf, accessory, or makeup addition — we love pastel pops of this color for your winter/spring wardrobe and a bright splash in the warmer months. Here are a few of our favorite Radiant Orchid-inspired pieces to wear all year long! Talk about a smart investment. ;)

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Pantone-Colored Scarves and Accessories

 Snag those scarves! (clockwise) Alexis Paisley Pashmina | Gabrielle Ombré Pashmina | Helen Bubble Pashmina 

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11 Pretty Looks for Your NYE Party

Looking for some serious beauty inspiration for the big ball drop? Have no fear, fair scarf ladies. We scoured the best hair, makeup, and nail trends of the season to bring you the worthiest looks for your New Year’s Eve party. We recommend mixing and matching one or two of these trends for ultimate NYE star status — and for a serious chance at that midnight kiss.

Ps. If you’re stumped for what to wear with these looks, any of our holiday scarf knots and  head-to-toe holiday outfits will do the trick. ;)

1. The Metallic Lid

party makeup metallic eyeshadow

Blend an array of gold hues and silver shades for a stunning lid look that’s perfect for an upscale soiree.

TIP: Make sure to keep the darker hues closer to the lash line and the lighter hues closer to the brow bone. The most intense hue should be arched along the outside crease of your lid like the picture above.

2. The Top Knot

elizabeth olsen top knot

Kick this mega-2012 trend into high gear by positioning a ponytail on top of your head (directly upwards from the nape of your neck), teasing your mane, and then shaping a ballerina bun using bobbies.

TIP: To keep your ‘do messy-but-precise like Ashley Olsen, try these corkscrew hair pins. They do the work of twenty! Also, the SDN gals recently went to a Tricoci University beauty event, and one of their super-cool hairstylists says to skip the brush for a perfectly piecey ‘do.

3. The Burgundy Lip

Camilla Belle Dark Burgundy Lip

Ahhh, the burgundy lip. This vampy, Old Hollywood look is simply gorgeous on all skin tones — yes, even the pale gals out there (trust me, there’s quite a few of us in the SDN office). Keep the rest of your look bright and glowy like Camilla Belle.

TIP: We’ve tried this Wet & Wild Dark Wine version. It glides on so easily, and it’s a bargain — only 99 cents at the drugstore!

4. The Shimmery Polish

glitter nail polish

Champagne-hued nails are a glitzy gal’s best friend. If you’re feeling a little more playful, try a sparkly red, navy, or hot pink polish.

TIP: Get a gorgeous mixed metal look by following this tutorial from The Beauty Department!

5. The Sleek Pony

sleek pony

The sleek pony was the “it” hair trend on 2012 runways, but we love Kristin Cavallari’s looser version with a slightly tousled mane. This chic pony is perfect for any party look, especially when paired with glam drop earrings.

TIP: After blow drying your hair, curl it first before putting it into a pony. The trick to making waves and keeping prom-like curls at bay? Keep your strand out of the iron clamp, and don’t curl the ends (the last inch) of your hair. Also, be sure to finish with a shine serum to keep your hair smooth and sleek!

6. The Chic Headpiece

hairbands for the holidays

This accessory is the perfect party hair-topper, and you can cater it to show off your one-of-a-kind style. Try a classic headpiece like Olivia Wilde, don one with rhinestones or sequins for a glam look, or choose one with studs to get a little rebellious.

TIP: Place the hairband on your head before putting your hair up! Make sure to tease the hair at the crown of the band, and then sweep your locks into a loose bun.

7. The Navy Smokey Eye

navy smokey eye

For a special occasion like NYE, the navy smokey eye is a modern upgrade to the usual gray. Plus, it makes you look super mysterious and sexy — definitely tools for catching that cutie’s eye on the dance floor!

TIP: Place a tissue underneath your eye while you’re applying and blending the shadow with a brush — it keeps any dust from falling under your lids, giving you a “black eye effect.”

8. The Braided ‘Do & 9. The Fuchsia Lip

Keiko Lynn braided do

Channel your inner Heidi (sans the goats) with a milkmaid-braided hairdo that’ll keep any New Year’s dress looking girly. Another lovely trend? A stunning fuchsia lip. This color looks good on every skin tone — the brighter, the better — so pucker up!

TIP: Check out Keiko Lynn’s blog, the braided beauty behind this hairstyle how-to.

10. The Bright Red Pout & 11. The Beanie

Bright red lipstick

If you find yourself party hopping this NYE, don’t forget a super cute and trendy beanie. We love the styles featured recently on The Glitter Guide! And as always, stop traffic with a bright red lip on December 31st. Red commands attention — and so will you. ;)

TIP: To keep your red color from running, outline your lips with a neutral lipliner before applying the lipstick. Always go matte with the lipstick, unless you want to get glitzy with a chic baroque look!

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Stacie’s Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair

For me, with the curly mop of unruliness that is my hair, second-day hair is not a choice. It is a necessity. You would be amazed at the amount of product that goes into taming curly hair. (To my fellow curly-locked gals, am I right or what?)

While I was in college, I lived in a sorority for three years and I had different roommates each semester. I remember one instance with a new roommate, I was getting ready for class in the morning after washing my hair. My roommate and I were chatting and I started doling out some mousse into my hand mid-conversation. When I put the bottle of mousse down onto the dresser, I turned to look at my roommate. Her mouth was open looking at my hand full of mousse.

“You put that much stuff in your hair?” she said. I became self-conscious with her look of disgust and awe.
“Um, yeah?” I said. “Curly hair requires a lot of taming.” I didn’t mention that I was about to use a bit of gel and hairspray as well.

With the (embarrassing) amount of product and work that is required to make me look like a regular person instead of Miss Frizzle’s sandy-blonde-haired daughter, I usually wash my hair only twice per week. Not only does it keep my hair from drying out, it also cuts down on my hair product costs. So on the third or fourth day of unwashed hair, I definitely need a scarf solution.

This is the scarf I used. It is actually a regular-sized neck scarf, but I wrapped it around my head twice using the rosette wrap head scarf tutorial. I definitely advise using a thinner neck scarf as a head scarf (and I twisted my scarf to make it a bit thinner). I was pleasantly surprised by how it came out! And the scarf does a very nice job as a hair tamer.


young crazy-haired Stacie


Which as you can see has been a lifelong battle.



Maggie’s Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair

I hate needles. Absolutely terrified. I’m so scared of them, when I found out I needed a round of vaccines before entering college, I went out and got a tattoo to try and overcome my fears so I wouldn’t be a convulsing, blubbering mess at the doctors office. All that really did was get me addicted to ink, and the thought of a hypodermic needle still terrifies me.

So how does that relate to second-day hair? Since the mere thought of giving blood makes me weak in the knees, I feel like I have to compensate somewhere. I do that by donating my hair. Since I was little, I’ve received compliments on the color (it’s natural!), and I love giving away something so precious. But donating hair is much more time consuming (I’m talking 5-6 years of growth) than giving blood, and I’m doing all I can to speed up the process. Similar to Sarah’s reasons, I’ve cut back on the washings to improve the health and overall growth of my locks.

I have baby fine strands that I normally wash every day. Until I researched it, I had no idea that the oils I was producing were actually good for my hair. It’s taken a lot of getting used to, but I’ve embraced the second-day hairstyles I’ve picked up. One of my favorites is a classic, go-to high ponytail.

The style isn’t that complex. I sprayed dry shampoo on my roots then combed through. I gathered a ponytail near my crown and secured, then I used a tiny bit of hairspray to control a few fly-aways. Like Sarah (and the rest of the ScarvesDotNet girls), I love a soft, silk scarf, so I tied one around my ponytail for a little splash of color. I was kind of weary about it first– it looks slightly cheerleader-ish. But as the day went on, I could reach up and touch the soft scarf, and it brought an instant feeling of pretty! You can get the scarf here.

And in case you were wondering, Sarah’s wedding was gorgeous! Check out her sneak peak photos, from Sara and Mallary Photography.  :)

If you are also interested in the gift of hair donation, I strongly urge you to visit Locks of Love. Sending away those ten inches of hair was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to do it again. Happy growing!