Ode to the Viscose Scarf

Viscose Scarves are perfect accessories when the temperatures drop, but perhaps what’s most liked most about them is the fact that they can be used all year round to brighten up almost any ordinary outfit. Over time scarves have grown to be alluring extras that have transcended the boundaries of being more than just functional additions, but fashion statements. Continue reading

Style up Evening Wear with a Scarf

Animal-Large-Square-Silk-Scarf Classic and elegant evening wear calls for an extra bit of fashion to make the occasion even more special and memorable. What better way to achieve sweeping style with a delicate, almost gossamer scarf neatly pinned or knotted on a shoulder? A scarf simply draped across your shoulders or even held in place looped around the elbows makes a startling difference to an evening dress. Continue reading

Ways to Wear and Tie Head Scarves

Tamara-3 Head scarves have been used for centuries now for both fashion appeal and functional elegance. Worn to keep warm, protect hairdos and hair from hard weather conditions or purely as a fashion statement, head scarves premiered as fashion trends in the early 60s. Iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Katherine and Audrey Hepburn all made scarf styles popular.

Head scarves have become more than just fashion statements, however. They have become ways of self-expression, particularly for those who have gone through medical treatments that resulted in hair loss. Scarves have become an  Continue reading

Reasons Why Women Love Scarves

Back on the fashion accessories trend this winter is immutable styling of the glorio scarves 1 us scarf. Not only do scarves keep your outfit in check, but also make you feel comfortable and warm out in the biting cold of winter. Regarded as a girl’s best friend scarves have outplayed their role as typical fashion accessory and have transcended to the position of essential items in every modern woman’s wardrobe arsenal.

Here are a few ultimate reasons why women adore scarves. Continue reading

Fresh and Elegant Ways to Wear Scarves

scarf fashion Acclaimed by fashion gurus the world over as the new fashion necklace this season, scarves remain to be top hot and popular style additions. Everybody, men and children included, enjoys wearing scarves as soon as the temperature drops. However one of the most common obstacles women face is what to do with their scarves, apart from the ever mundane double loop around the neck. Continue reading