Unconventional Scarf Dos

trendy scarf Scarves have been a staple attire for centuries now, and have inspired creative endeavors from fashion stylists the world over, with new techniques and chic ways of wearing them to suit more modern avant-garde looks. Here are some featured ways and fun tricks to using scarves in a whole new way of atypical and offbeat styles. Continue reading

Fur on Fur

Fur is one of our favorite textured functional pieces to turn to as winter sits around11831309434_888a76b194_b the corner. What better way to fend off the cold and let loose the diva in you with classic fur on fur combinations, certain to keep you warm and looking totally chic this winter season. Although a fur scarf worn with a fur coat done wrong can be a lot to digest and possibly leave you looking like a hairy primate, if not worn tastefully.

Here are a few inspired looks that will keep you warm as the temperatures drop and have you look your best in fur. Continue reading

What Scarf are You?

Is it true that you can tell someone by the way they dress or their choice of clothes and accessories? It has been proven that we give out various clues to who we are or our mood of the day through our choice of clothing. Certainly character speaks volumes through clothes and here are a few choices that are highly becoming on particular personality types. Continue reading