Scarf Knots Done Right

A definitive fashion accessory, scarves worn right can completely transform any outfit. firstsnow-1-4_zps1462c412 Undoubtedly versatile, scarves come in numerous patterns, shapes, designs, colors and sizes, and can be knotted and draped in many different styles so suit any kind of look. The way you wear a scarf adds heaps to your style quotient. Add that certain je ne sais quoi to your look with a totally très chic and mod vibe found in the nonchalant and incredibly modest scarf. Continue reading

Different Types of Scarves

sdn_logo Get ultra-chic and style up your wardrobe with a simple addition of a scarf. A majority of women immediately imagine the traditional wrap scarf when thinking about scarves. However, fashion styles in scarves offer a variety of options with a number of designs that stand above the rest.

Here is a look at four types of designs in scarves and the many ways they can be used to add a dash of fun to your wardrobe. Continue reading

Quintessential Scarves

It doesn’t matter what gender, age or personality type you are, scarves come first 7 choice to many people, especially during winter. Not only do they keep the cold out and your nice and warm in layers under your jacket, they add a vibrancy and definite charm to any sort of look. No matter if you’re dressed up for an elegant evening dinner, or headed off to a wedding, or even set for just another day at the office, scarves make a world of difference. Continue reading

Get Inventive with Scarves

7 Creativity knows no bounds and the ever-versatile scarf opens doors to so many fun looks! A humble square or oblong lightweight scarf can take an outfit to the next level with just a little bit of gumption. Make good use of that well-worn scarf, get it out of the bottom drawer and back into the lime light as an alternative accessory. Transform your scarf and wear it as an inventive addition far from the regular wrap and roll styles predominantly used.

Here are a few inventive tricks and tips to revamp your style with imaginative uses that make for wonderful boho chic additions to everyday outfits. Continue reading