8 Knots for Every Holiday Party

Welcome to the most wonderful party time of the year! Spruce up your sweaters or LBDs with the most versatile holiday accessory this season — a scarf, of course! Whether you’re baking cookies with grandma or gussying up with the girls, we picked the perfect knot for every occasion. Go ahead, be our guest!

how to tie a scarves for the holiday season!

Click on the knot links for a step-by-step how-to of each scarf tying technique!

1. The Fancypants Work Soiree

Impress even your chicest coworkers at the office party with a gorgeous ascot wrap! We advise grabbing your most sparkly scarf to make it even fancier.

2. The Family Reunion

The slip knot is a super comfy, classic scarf style — perfect for cider sipping and combating all those cringe-worthy life questions from your relatives!

3. The NYE Bash

Sip champagne and watch the ball drop in a fancy half bow epaulette, which adds just the right amount of girly-glitz to your party dress!

4. Caroling & Hot Cocoa

Calm the caroling nerves and send those shivers away with a cozy muffler knot! This scarf style keeps your neck warm and toasty, and adds festive flair to your winter coat.

5. The Black Tie Affair

Whether for a wedding or swanky charity event, this knot definitely ups the elegance ante! Keep those shoulders snug in a faux fur infinity scarf shrug, and you’ll be the belle of the holiday ball.

6. Cookie Baking & Decorating

Get down to some serious baking business with a fancy braid! This knot keeps your scarf clean of any cookie dough, while making you look you so Martha-chic in the kitchen.

7. The Ugly Sweater Party

Cute-ify that hideous holiday apparel with a DIY circle scarf  — but use shiny garland, instead! All you need are some jingle bell earrings, and you’re all set for a jolly good time.

8. The Potluck Dinner

Is it just us, or do you get a little too warm from scarfing down those sides, too? Look lovely without constricting your neck in a knotted scarf – and bring on the seconds!

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Scarf Styling: Knots for Every Neckline

With so many opportunities for scarf styling ahead, we figured it was time to put our Knot Library to the test! We sent our scarf scouts out into the field with one challenge in mind – to prove that you can wear a scarf with practically anything.

Our stylish soldiers rose to the occasion and rifled through the racks, returning triumphant with the perfect knot to play up every neckline!

Ps. Just click through the neckline image of your choice for more on how to tie the perfectly-paired knot!

Round: Fancy Braid V-Neck: Four-in-Hand Camisole: Knot Row Square: Chain Knot Sweetheart: Ponytail Wrap One-Shoulder: Scarf Boa Strapless: Scarf Belt Bateau: Pan Am Off-the-Shoulder: Girly Windsor

For an even deeper look at our troop’s top-secret findings, check out page 7 of our All Tied Up ebook!

Even More Knots for Every Neckline

Attention all knot connoisseurs! Be sure to check out our other new neckline-specific knots to master below:

8 Easy Ways to Style a Scarf

Remember this summer, when we dared the craftiest DIY bloggers on the web to put their creativity to the test and invent their very own scarf knot (in addition to a couple of other scarftastic challenges)?

Now, we’re making it easier than ever to access their collection of head-turning knots. Simply click through your favorite styles below for easy, step-by-step tutorials on how to complete the look for yourself!

And if you’re feeling extra crafty, we have an entire series of DIYs for the home and the closet, centered around — you guessed it — scarves.

8 ways to tie a scarf
Top Knot Twist-Me-Knot High-Low Skirt Kimono Wrap Maiden Braid Scarf Bow Double Scarf Anchor Figure 8 Top Knot Twist Me Knot High-Low Skirt Kimono Wrap Maiden Braid Scarf Bow Double Scarf Anchor Figure 8 Brittni Brittni Brynn Brynn Lauren Lauren Peaches Peaches Stephanie Stephanie Kelly Kelly Lexy Lexy Brittany Brittany

Did you fall in love with the scarves used to tie these new knots? Here’s what we used:

Top Knot: Marnie Cotton Infinity Scarf
Twist-Me-Knot: Eloise Polka Dot Skinny Scarf & Krista Silk Anchor Scarf
High Low Skirt: Bahama Floral Scarf Wrap
Kimono Wrap: Amelia Watercolor Scarf
Maiden Braid: Tiffany Peacock Scarf
Scarf Bow: Krista Silk Anchor Scarf
Double Anchor Scarf Knot: Samantha Jersey Infinity Scarf & Reid Striped T-Shirt Scarf
Figure 8: Tina Leopard Skinny Loop Scarf
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How to Tie a Scarf: Double Scarf Anchor

how to tie a scarf diy challenge

From halter tops to galaxy scarves, the SDN gals can’t get enough of crafty, creative, and innovative ways to use (and reuse) our favorite accessory. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to bring you our latest series: The Scarves Dot Net DIY Challenge.

how to tie the double scarf anchor

Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel twisted and tied her way to a new nautical knot we can’t get enough of! Dive into the directions below for a knot that’s sure to make waves this summer!


double scarf anchor step 1

Step 1: Start by laying the larger scarf over the smaller scarf (we used this larger one and this smaller one) in a perpendicular fashion. Give more slack on the bottom of the larger scarf.

double scarf anchor step 2

Step 2: Tie the smaller scarf in a knot 1/3 down from the top of the bigger scarf. Pull tight!

double scarf anchor step 3

Step 3: Lay the smaller scarf underneath the larger scarf and pull to the opposite side.

double scarf anchor step 4

Step 4: Thread the smaller scarf through that small hole to create another knot and pull tight.

double scarf anchor step 5

Step 5: Open up the bottom end of the small scarf and feed the large scarf through that loop.

double scarf anchor step 6

Step 6: Pull the loop of the smaller scarf back up as if you were wrapping it around your neck. Bring the bottom loop of the large scarf up as well.

double scarf anchor step 7

Step 7: Criss-cross the larger scarf loop and bring that loop back down and place it over the top of the rest of the fabric.

finished double scarf anchor knot

Step 8: Slide your head through that center hole and admire your double scarf wonder!

Thanks to Lexy for adding the Double Scarf Anchor to our Knot Library!

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