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You can never have too many Scarves

July 13, 2016 by Miscellaneous

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! <3 Welcome back guys! Lately we have been getting in a lot of new arrivals on  and I am too excited to not share! Scarves are such a cute accessory for summer! They are stylish and you can wear them a bunch of different ways all year long!

Here are some of my absolute favorite new arrivals:

HopelessRomanticScarf (1)

Our Hopeless Romantic scarf

GillianTasselScarf (1)

Our Gillian Tassel Scarf

DaisyWesternScarf (3)

Our Daisy Western Scarf

LeopardScarf (1)

Our Leopard print scarf

We have SO MANY cute summer scarves! It was hard to just pick 4 to show you guys. Head on over to our site to check them all out! Thanks for reading guys! Have a great rest of your week. XO

3 ways to wear a scarf <3

July 6, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! How was your Fourth of July? I hope great! The Fourth is such a fun holiday. Last time on the blog I talked a little bit about summer scarves and ways you can wear them… well, today I want to show you 3 ways you can wear one scarf! If you want more ideas, head on over to our Knot Library!







Did you know that has sunglasses too?! They are all under $13.00 and ADORABLE! Check them out, we are getting new arrivals in weekly!

Thanks for reading guys, have a great rest of your week! XO


6 ways to wear your summer scarf <3

TammyPolkaDotScarf15 (1)
June 29, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! I’m here to help you out! We all have scarves that we feel like we “can’t” wear in the summer time because it’s too hot… blah blah blah. Right now, scarves are trending and I want to show you all the fun ways you can wear a scarf in the summer! Stand out and look fashionably awesome this summer in one of our new summer scarves.

Check out our Knot Library for more ways to wear your scarf! We have ways to wear winter/fall scarves as well!

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a summer scarf:


DonnaStripedBlanketScarf (1)

Wear your scarf like a wrap/ cover up.


Wear your scarf like an arm accessory! 


The celebrity knot


The Neckerchief style


Boho wrap/ swim suit cover

JoyceSwirlScarf2 (1)

Head wrap

Now you know how to wear a scarf this summer and mix up your wardrobe! XO Thanks for reading guys and have a wonderful day!

Glitz & Glam

June 22, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! Welcome back <3

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far. We just got in lots of new arrivals on and we are jumping with joy! They are all perfect for summer! A scarf adds a lot of personality to an outfit.  It is a very high end, timeless accessory. Scarves definitely add  a lot of glitz and glam to your wardrobe.


Here are some of our newest summer scarves:



Cut it out scarf in Lavender


Our Polkadot Boho scarf in maroon

American flag print jersey scarf


Our Secret Garden scarf in pink

Thanks for reading guys! Have a wonderful day. XO

Two words: NEW ARRIVALS!

NewArrivals (2)
June 15, 2016 by Miscellaneous

What’s a cute summer outfit without the light weight scarf? It’s like a cake with no frosting… not that great right?! Plus, there are so many ways to wear a light weight scarf in the summer time! Check out our Knot Library.

We hope you are as excited as we are! We just got in LOTS of new summer arrivals and we are head over heals for all of them! Below, I added some of my personal favorites. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make because they are all to die for!


HeartPrintScarf3 (2)

Our Heart Print scarf in pink

ScarvesWestern2 (1)

Our western knot scarf

LisbethRoundupScarf (2)

Our Lisbeth Roundup Scarf

HeartPrintScarf (2)

Our Heart print scarf in white

Shop our new arrivals! Also, we always have awesome sales going on so keep checking our website! XO



How to tie a headband

June 10, 2016 by Miscellaneous

We want to show you all the ways you can wear your lightweight summer scarves! We just got in a lot of new summer arrivals and they are all to die for.

Head scarves have been in style and around for years now! Scarves are timeless and there is so many ways to wear them! We have so many ideas in our Knot library! If you ever need to spice up your summer outfit, this is the way! I wanted to highlight one of my favorite head scarfs. I love our Tiffany peacock scarf! It’s the perfect size for lots of tying techniques especially as a head scarf.

Check out how to tie the cutest head scarf below:




Make sure to check out our knot library for more ideas! <3 Happy shopping! xo

Thanks for reading!

Suns out… glasses out

Sunglasses7 (1)
June 3, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog! We just added some exciting, new arrivals to our website this week! SUNGLASSES! <3 We have been so ecstatic about this new addition to our site! Wear them to the beach, out for a day of shopping, or to brunch with your best girlfriends.  With so many colors and syles to choose from, you can get one for every outfit.  They are all under $13.00!!! What a deal!!!! Shop them here!


Here are some pictures of our cute sunnies:


TerriLaceInfinityScarf2 (1)


Sunglasses5 (1)

Sunglasses (1)


Summer Trends

June 1, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! School is officially out and its starting to feel a lot like summer! YAY!

I want to talk about all the fun, summer trends this year! They have been some of my absolute favorites so far:

  1. Rompers – So easy to wear and so comfy in the summer!
  2. Overalls- You can never go wrong with overalls, they look great on everyone!
  3. Head wraps- has a wide variety to choose from
  4. Bright handbags- A pop of color to your outfit.
  5. Nike shoes- Cute& comfy? PERFECT.
  6. Dresses- Easy to wear and you always look cute and flirty in a dress.


Head wraps

c3f0265ba3eb9d2d86ab5c361419e808 (1)



Scarves & Rompers


Bright Handbags



Thanks for reading! XO



What to bring on vacation

May 25, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hi guys! Welcome back! Since school is officially out… you know what that means! SUMMER TIME and vacations! Woohoo! I am grinning from ear to ear right now because I am so excited about it. I love going on vacations, it’s so nice to have a break from work, life and have nothing scheduled. I always struggle with what to bring… OH MAN! I always over pack, I try and fit my whole closet in my bag and at least 10 pairs of shoes so I have lots of options choose from. The struggle is real! Just a little packing tip: If you roll all your clothes up like a burrito you can fit a lot more in your bag… Try it out! You can thank me later (;

Vacation must haves are:

  1. swim suit
  2. swim suit cover up and has the perfect ones.
  3. Only pack an outfit for each day
  4. a dress for dinner
  5. sandals and tennis shoes
  6. the essentials… tooth brush, make up, etc.
  7. sunglasses 

I always like to leave a little bit of room for SHOPPING! (;




CatherineFloralKnitPoncho6 (1)


I hope you guys are going somewhere fun for memorial weekend! Thanks for reading! XO