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Get Ready for Autumn Fashion – High Street Style!

September 8, 2014 by Miscellaneous

We’re taking a short break from our usual scarf how-to posts to bring you an update on the latest fashion styles for Fall 2014! In honor of Fashion Week, here’s what we’ve discovered.

2014 Autumn fashion forecast is stylish and oh so mod! It’s all about loose knits, floppy hats, fur coats, oversized coats, long sleeved dresses, tall boots, and stunning prints. High street fashion lookbooks are out with some of the most beautiful offerings this fall.

Loose is the new fitted style. Relax and get comfortable with the latest in easy fashion from the hippest to the chicest brands. Here are a few wardrobe essentials to ensure a trendy winter this year.

1) Printed A-line skirt – Back with an undeniably chic bang is the ever immortal retrograde A line skirt. This glorious leg defining and waist accentuating piece of wonder has been featured on Louis Vuitton ramp in a charming print. The versatile autumn wardrobe addition is readily wearable with a knitted top or compact polo neck.

Print A-Line Skirt Woman wearing printed a-line skirt

2) Long and Tall Boots – This Autumn Winter is all about rocking your boots to the tune of undeniable style, whether you prefer sky high, over the knee, regular military, or funky animal printed. Make sure your boots are cool and tall. Pair them with any and all sorts of styles from loose flowing maxi skirts to short and long sleeved mini dresses.

Long and Tall Boots Woman wearing long and tall boots

3) Sheepskin and Faux Fur – Sheepskin has been spotted everywhere this season from Etro to Prada, and even in Del Boy’s funky psychedelic play of patchwork and color. If you’re sensitive to animal skin, but love the design, faux fur coats are the way to go. Make a statement in a striped or an animal print and uber chic faux fur coat.

Back Faux Fur Coat Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

4) Roll or Polo neck tops – A guaranteed stylish look this autumn is the classic roll neck top. A perfect accompaniment to any chic retro outfit, a loose fitted high neck sweater will pair beautifully with miniskirts and tall boots.

Roll Neck Sweater Polo Neck Sweater

5) Blanket Coat – As fashion progresses and innovative styles excite fashion followers, this year designers have revealed a hybrid creation in the blanket. A crossover of a poncho and blanket coat, the blanket is a stunning option to simply throw over when the temperatures drop.

Beige Blanket Coat Black and White Blanket Coat

6) Trousers – As winter approaches, get warm and en vogue with loose, high-waist, wide leg, and pleated trousers this season. 2014 is all about comfort with culottes, sporty ski pants, and Bernard trousers. They will go fabulously well with platform heels or pumps and matched blouses or button down shirts.

Women's Navy Trousers Women's Black Trousers

7) Pashminas – Don’t forget about the ever-necessary scarf or pashmina! There are so many ways to wear scarves that it can be hard to keep track. We have resources available on this blog as well as our How To Tie A Scarf resource.

Fall Scarf Outfits Many ways to tie a scarf

DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

July 8, 2014 by DIY, Fashion, Miscellaneous

DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

Every so often, I get a print stuck in my head, and I keep wearing and making it until I get sick of it. These days, that print is triangles. I love the geometric print on everything — pants, shirts, jewelry, and of course, scarves. :)

DIY Triangle Print Infinity ScarfImage sources: Proenza Schoeler Triangle Scarf, Kate Sheridan Bag, Triangle Print

Lately I’ve been seeing triangles everywhere — bags, prints, the runway — so I wanted to make a triangle print scarf of my own. It’s super simple, and you only need a bit of time!

Supplies you need:

DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

  • Paint (Soft Fabric Paint is best)
  • Scarf (Any scarf will do. For a scarf similar to mine, I like this and this, too.)
  • Sponge
  • Water to dilute the paint
  • Paper/plastic to put under the scarf so it doesn’t bleed


DIY Triangle Print Infinity ScarfIt’s quite simple to add a print to your scarf! You can use this for any technique:

  • First, I put the paint on a plate in different amounts and swirled them all together.
  • After that, I added a little bit of water to dilute the paint and make it easier to stamp all over the scarf.
  • Then, I got my sponge a bit wet and started stamping!
  • After one side of the infinity scarf was done, I let it dry and then stamped the other side.

After the scarf was done drying, I wanted to experiment a bit with how to tie an infinity scarf. The thing I love about scarves is that they make an outfit look effortless, but put together, too.
DIY Triangle Print Infinity Scarf

DIY Triangle Print Infinity ScarfMy best attempt at an effortless infinity scarf knot. :) Looking for other ways to tie infinity scarves? Click below to check out the tutorials in the Knot Library!

how to tie an infinity scarf