DIY: How to Use a Scarf as a Purse Strap

DIY Scarf Purse Strap

Today we’ve got a seriously easy, no-sew DIY for you — how to use a scarf as a purse strap! I know here in the scarf office we always repeat ourselves over and over that there are pretty much a gazillion ways to use scarves, but seriously… there are. ;)

scarf purse strap

What you need to make a scarf purse strap:
♥Handbag. We used this yellow Nila Anthony handbag from You can always use a purse with a broken strap to give it a second life. :)
♥Scarf. We used a leopard print scarf.

scarf purse strap

Step 1: (There’s actually only one step. :)) All you need to do is thread the ends of your scarf through the metal pieces on the side of your handbag and tie a knot. You can always tie a double knot if the items in your purse are heavier, but we found that it was pretty sturdy with just one tight knot.

scarf purse strap

And that’s it! Go spice up an old purse or add some strap length to a purse you already own! :)

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