Fashionable Scarves

The ultimate accessory to instantly upscale typical every day looks, and every fashionable girl’s best friend is the ever transcendent scarf. Look and feel like a diva in a matter of seconds, bring new life to your ensemble with simple, easy, essential as well as incredibly affordable additions to your wardrobe.

Dress for the office or add elegant definitions to evenings out with friends or family, scarves make all this and more possible. Here are a few must have fashion accessories certain to delight your senses, complement figure and feature while adding personality.


silk scarf

Every woman’s top favorite fabric must be silk, a delight to have around your body, this elegant and delicate fabric is synonymous with royalty and exclusive style. Get on-board the glamor train with silk scarves that accentuate individual personality and make you stand out above the sea of office goers.

Add charm and individuality to plain, store-bought outfits with an elegant addition in a silk scarf. Flatter your features by using a silk scarf as a belt tied under the bust to form an empire line or around the waist to define your waist and shape of skirt or trouser.


Usually found in delightful fabric blends balanced in wool and cashmere, ruffle scarves add femininity to all styles along with providing efficient shelter from the cold on crisp nippy weather. A perfect match to any sort of winter style combination, ruffle scarves look great on evening wear or work as superb throw on for fun nights out.

Work your ruffle scarf over a bright colored skirt, monochrome leggings or tights, pullover under zipper hoodie jacket or lapelled overcoat and boots.

Ribbed scarves

Sequined and ribbed scarves are fresh and fun additions to winter wear. Keep warm and sparkle on with subtle accents found in circle scarfs make easy choices on days when nothing comes to mind. Throw a circle scarf on to win every ensemble, add spark, perk and play to any look. Deviate from regular monochromes and neutrals with great additions that offset and lend an element of balance in style.

Worn over neutral solid silhouettes either match tone on tone for undeniable sophisticated look, or mix and match for chic fun.

Color block

A brilliant way to add something unique to winter wardrobe palette, color block print scarves bring a splash life and cool tones, an inviting break from monotonous winter shades.

Different Types of Scarves

Get ultra-chic and style up your wardrobe with a simple addition of a scarf. A majority of women immediately imagine the traditional wrap scarf when thinking about scarves. However, fashion styles in scarves offer a variety of options with a number of designs that stand above the rest.

Here is a look at four types of designs in scarves and the many ways they can be used to add a dash of fun to your wardrobe.



Traditional and indubitably debonair, square scarves are classy in silk and bring volume or fashionably understated taste with a cleverly done knot. Wear a square scarf in a classy knot with a continental necked button down shirt under sweater top or pullover, knee length Aline skirt or trousers matched with a stunning pair of stilettos or ankle boots.

Alternatively square scarves can be used as loose throw overs in the cowgirl or side knot for quick easy additions to day looks. Worn over fitted silhouettes or with flair dresses or skirts, the easy to tie side knot is a classic way to upgrade to clever and tasteful fashion.


Sleek and totally divine, the ever glamorous addition to the fashionista diva look is the oblong scarf. Produced in a variety of fabrics and prints, these dainty pieces transform every day wear with innovative and posh approaches to create a definitive look. Use a regular oblong scarf tied as a necktie to make an ideal accompaniment to office wear or for up-market meetings or elegant brunches with friends.

Bring your V-neck sweater top or office suit alive with an oblong scarf, or embrace the hip student look with a tee under pinafore dress over leggings and neck tie scarf.


Typical in cashmere, the prototypical wrap has been around for centuries. Simply loop it around your neck European style or let it hang loose in a cowl neck, wraps come with infinite possibilities to reinvent your signature look.

Let it hang over your shoulders down to your elbows to match your little black cocktail dress for an elegant evening out, or loop it over long sleeve top over leather or denim leggings for street chic cuteness.


Incredibly versatile, the sarong can be worn as a skirt, or cover up look for a fashionable and effortless resort or holiday style. String it around your waist for a sensual paero drape skirt style, or wrap it bandeau or halter style for full body cover.

Turn Up Your Winter Outfit

Winter will be here soon, and it’s time to take a look at some of the latest fashion accessories to spruce up your wardrobe and bring life to the common muted colors of the season. Scarves are probably a girl’s best friend during the nippy months, and also an incredible way to express fabulous style in an easy and novel way.

Play with color, print, texture, and style to get creative with the brilliant designs readily found in this functional fashion accessory.
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Flair It Up With Hippie Retro Jeans

The raging era of the 70’s casual chic style is back with a flaring bang in the ever-classic and body-flattering flare retro jeans. The unsung style that’s been shuffled off to the back of the closet has found its place up in the front again. Everyone’s wearing these fun and figure-complementing numbers that gently flare out from the knee and are absolutely stylish with a long blouse and jacket.

Teaming the many varieties of flare jeans-reinvented allows for numerous combination looks ideal for nippy winter days. Distressed, extra-long pairs that feature a wide turn up at the bottom accentuate legs, making them seem longer. Here are a few popular styles of retro jeans that are bound to make your look pop.

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