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December 16, 2015 by Miscellaneous

The temperatures have dropped. It is freezing and maybe it’s snowing where you live. It’s definitely winter time! We have three options:

  1. Hibernate in bed until spring is back.
  2. Stay in the house at all times and only leave when you are running low on food.
  3. Put on a cute cashmere sweater, a warm coat, booties, a cute scarf to compliment your outfit and take on the world. There are so many ways to wear your scarf this winter and I want to show you some of my favs.

 My first favorite way is the head wrap. It keeps your hair nice and dry, hiding it from the freezing winter snow and wind while keeping your neck warm. I would recommend our Robyn Paisley Pashmina Scarf or our Annabel Pashmina Scarf  for this look.

scarf wearing 5

My next fav is French Style. This style came from New York Fashion week. I LOVE this look. It’s so classy and very fashionable. You can dress any outfit up by wearing your scarf around your neck like this. Since this one is a little more complicated to tie… Here are the steps.  Step 1: Fold a square silk scarf diagonally and bring the ends around to the front of your neck. Step 2: Tie a simple knot with the two scarf corners. Adjust the knot to taste. I would recommend our Gail Reversible Silky Scarf for this style.


Another fun way to wear a scarf this winter is this adorable over the shoulder look. It is so simple yet so cute. This look is sure to keep you warm in the freezing cold. I would recommend any of our Blanket Scarves for this look.  My absolute favorite blanket scarf is called the Maddie Geo Blanket Scarf.


On those less chilly, winter days when you don’t feel like wearing a scarf.. wear it around  your hair! I am obsessed with this look. I am speechless… I fell in love with this look when I first saw it. It’s the perfect way to add some spice to your pony tail or bun. I would recommend our Vienna Square Scarf for this look.



That’s a wrap! We hope this post has helped inspire you all. Thanks for reading! Xo


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