Embrace the Luxe

MIRB 1Comfort and sophistication often mark either extreme of the fashion spectrum. However modern design sensibilities have combined these two integral elements into something fashion designers have come to term sports luxe. Comfortable, casual, sophistication in fashion and design has made hi-fashion looks more adaptable and ready to wear with everyday ensembles that represent current trending styles. Continue reading

Fashionable Holiday Presents

The-Grinch-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-3149494-1024-768Christmas is a time for celebration and sharing with family and friends. A wonderful chance to show how much you care and appreciate your loved ones, Christmas is a festival often looked forward by one and all.

With the holidays just around the corner, and shopping on an all-time frenzy, selecting the right gift can get a bit difficult. Make a wise choice and pick the right gift for your cherished family members and friends with scarves. Delight your dear beloveds with choices that will have your trendy friends reeling. Continue reading

Outrageous Scarf Combos

Without a doubt, scarvesMIRB 1 are elemental fashion extras, especially during nippier weather. Instant outfit rejuvenators, scarves have taken over as the ‘it’ fashion accessory, something no woman, or man, for that matter leaves home without.

Worn in a variety of combinations and styles, scarves define your look in a charming and effortless manner. No matter how simple and easy to style a scarf can be, there’s a lot that can go horribly wrong or teeter on the edge of overdone when trying to hit that trending look.

Bold style often comes at a price and here is a look at some scarf combinations that are either raging hits or looks that would definitely call for a double take. Continue reading

Print on Print

image (4)Mix and match styles are bold fashion statements to make this season. It’s all about which print looks grand on what. Although staying safe with expected combinations in block neutrals offset with graphic print scarves remains a popular look. Bolder personalities have found a way to shine in contemporary bohemian pairing of print on print.


Add a dollop of fun and fab with a printed scarf that adds playful dimension and flavor to a tribal motif blouse or paisley print top. Be it graphically stylized in trending grunge skull and cross bones, or your favorite animal or bird, printed scarves haven’t looked cooler than when matched with another print. Continue reading