For the Love of Scarves: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our moms just how much we love them by treating them with something they might not ordinarily buy for themselves. Scarves are a great spring accessory that can dress up any outfit by adding color, pattern, and texture — and they’re the perfect way to thank your mama for all she’s done for you! Aren’t sure what type of scarf might be best for the most important lady in your life? Check out our gift guide below to find a scarf that’s perfect for your mom’s individual style.

Scarves for Mom

And don’t forget to browse our special Mother’s Day Collection scarves until you come across something that just screams Mom!


Bianca Pleated Paisley ScarfAre you known for having the “fun” mom? Embrace her quirky nature and let her personality shine with a funky patterned scarf! The Bianca Pleated Paisley Scarf is ideal for spring with its bold floral print and bright colors.


Cambridge Houndstooth Wrap Scarf

If your mama is a working lady, her wardrobe is probably full of sophisticated work attire ready for a full day at the office. For the professional mom, dressy scarves are your best bet! We love this Cambridge Houndstooth Wrap Scarf that pairs perfectly with a shift dress or a feminine blouse and slacks.


Charlotte Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

If your mom is up on the latest trends, she’s probably already in love with polka dots. Our Charlotte Polka Dot Infinity Scarf is oh-so adorable and is sure to help your mom maintain her status as the reigning fashionista of the house … as long as you’re not around, at least!


Andie Striped Loop Scarf

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere! While you may never know how she does it, your on-the-go mom conquers that busy schedule like a pro. A comfy yet practical scarf like the Andie Striped Loop Scarf is the perfect addition to a tee and light jacket combo.


Karissa Plaid Crinkle Scarf

Is your mom the comfy-casual type? If that sounds like her, you’re likely used to seeing her in jeans and tennis shoes. That doesn’t mean she can’t jazz up her look with fun accessories — maybe she just needs the right ones! Keep it simple with something like the Karissa Plaid Crinkle Scarf, which she can easily throw on with a comfy, lightweight cardigan and jeans before starting her day.

Which scarf fits your mom’s personal style best? Catch the whole collection here.

How to Make Gold-Dipped Plates

finished-plate Gold-dipped accents add class to any party. From gold-dipped flatware to gold-dipped vases, we can’t get enough of the gold-dipped trend! But how can you achieve this decorative look without paying a ridiculous price? That’s simple — by upcycling items you already have around the house. Thanks to simple tutorials like this one, it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever to have your own gold-dipped plates that are sure to impress your guests!

plate supplies

What You’ll Need:

  • White plates
  • Gold spray paint (We used “Krylon Metallic Gold.”)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Plastic shopping bag


tape plate

Step One: Wipe down the plate to remove any dust or dirt.

Step Two: Use the plastic shopping bag to cover the area you wish to keep white. Then tape it down using the painter’s tape. (We suggest leaving about ⅓ of the plate showing.)

paint plate

Step Three: Spray paint the uncovered section of the plate.

Step Four: Let it dry overnight.

Step Five: Repeat steps three and four as many times as neede for complete coverage. (This step is optional. :) Maybe yours will be covered to your liking after the first coat.)

drying plate

Step Six: Remove tape carefully to reveal your now gold-dipped plate.


This DIY is so simple, but looks very sophisticated. It’s the best of both worlds! For extra “wow,” make two-toned (or gold-dipped) glasses or polka dot plates, too!

How to Tie a Scarf: Festival Season Knots

how to tie a scarf for festival season

Crop tops, cutoff shorts, denim jackets, and cowboy boots likely come to mind when thinking about music festival style. When it comes to accessories, we see visions of wayfarers, floral crowns, and cross-body bags. But one accessory you might be overlooking is a scarf. Forget what you know about the cold weather accessory and think lighter, brighter versions to adorn your neck and shoulders as temperatures rise.

Take a look at these fun knots that are perfect for a summer music festival (and don’t shy away from the rest of our 50+ scarf knots here)!

The Muffler II

the muffler II

Sometimes less is more. The Muffler II is perfect for dressing up a basic tank and adding a pop of color or print. Imagine a white tank with the Andrea Paisley scarf, shorts, and ankle moto boots, or pair a black romper with the Claudia Silk scarf and gladiator sandals.

The Scarf Bustier

scarf bustier

Who said a scarf is just for wearing around your neck? Rather than having a scarf adorn your crop top, why not have the scarf be your crop top? The Scarf Bustier is the perfect way to implement this midsection-baring trend with a unique twist. In order to achieve this “knot,” it is important to choose a large scarf like the Madelyn Polka Dot scarf or the Erin Geo scarf. Pair it with a maxi skirt and denim jacket and you’re ready for the show!

The Infinity Scarf Shrug

infinity scarf shrug

The Infinity Scarf Shrug is perfect for adding extra coverage to bandeaus and swimsuit tops. As the name suggests, this look requires an infinity scarf. Layer a single-colored style like the Billy Sparkle Infinity scarf over a patterned top, or layer a printed style like the Liz Tribal Infinity scarf over a solid maxi dress.

Skinny Scarf Necklace

skinny scarf necklace

The Skinny Scarf Necklace is perfect for those who want to add a little something extra to their look without getting too warm in the spring and summer heat. This style requires a skinny scarf to create a look that isn’t too heavy. The Reagan Floral Skinny scarf and the Jordan Zebra Skinny scarf are two great options.

Neck Tie Knot

neck tie knot

Think neckties are just for the guys? This fun knot will make you think again! The Neck Tie Knot is best created with lightweight scarves like those made of silk and linen materials. The Tiffany Peacock scarf and the Olivia Linen scarf are ideal, and believe us when we tell you, this scarf knot is much easier to tie than an actual necktie!

How to Make Sparkling Vases

Here at Scarves Dot Net,  we love glitz and glamour. From sparkling scarves to sparkling centerpieces, we want it all. Granted, you can buy all the expensive glittered “conversation starters” you want. But, what’s the fun in that? We recommend DIYing them to really give people something to talk about without breaking the bank.

finished glitter vase

Follow these simple steps to create your own perfect table toppers (like glittered vases), and add more sparkle to your life!

glitter vase materials

What You’ll Need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Vases (Ours were Goodwill finds!)
  • Glitter
  • Paint Brush


glitter vase step 2

Step One - Mix your Mod Podge and glitter. We used a ratio of 1/4 cup Mod Podge to 4 tablespoons glitter. (You will want to use plenty of glitter, so don’t be bashful!)

Step Two - Paint your vases, entirely covering each of them in one coat of the mixture you’ve prepared. At first, the vases will simply look white, leading you to think, “What have I done?!?” But…

glitter vase drying

Step Three - Be patient, and let your masterpieces dry. Let them dry overnight, just to be safe.

Step Four - Repeat these steps to make sure there are no non-glittered spaces!

vases on display

Extra! Extra! We put some amazing DIY flowers in our sparkly centerpieces to complete the look. Just watch this video, like we did, to learn how to make the flowers. Go glitz or go home! ♥