Scarves in the H O O D

January 20, 2016 by Miscellaneous

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about hooded scarves from! A scarf with a hood is a new trend and they are darling! These scarves are so nice to have on those rainy/snowy winter days. The scarf will keep your neck warm and the hood will save your hair from winter weather! They look so cute with any outfit, and we have 3 different styles.  Be one of the first to know about this amazing scarf and start a trend (they will be the next big thing)! These scarves go well with anything – a jacket, coat, sweater, or long sleeve shirt… you name it and it will look so chic with it! That’s whats so great about these scarves, they are a must-have for your winter wardrobe! Don’t miss out and get one before they are gone <3

Click here to see all of our hooded scarves!


                Kendall Hooded Scarf in cream

KendallHoodedScarf3 (1)


Kendall Hooded Scarf in Grey

KendallHoodedScarf (1)



Denver Nordic Hooded Scarf



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