Scarf Videos

how to tie a scarf videos

Sometimes the best way to learn to tie scarves is by watching videos. We share the best of the web.

25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes

One of the most creative scarf videos out there brought to you by Wendy’s Lookbook. PS — Check out the Companion Episode 2!

charming scarf braid

Michelle Phan shares how to get a sweet scarf braid. It’s a perfect wedding hair idea.

the chiffon knot: the liberty way to tie a scarf



A more advanced and très chic way to tie a scarf via The Liberty London Youtube Channel.

how to make a handbag from a scarf

You wear ‘em on your neck, head, and maybe even your waist, but have you ever used a scarf as a handbag? Learn how form The Whispering and the Stars.

Published on September 15th, 2011 by Scarves Dot Net

4 thoughts on “Scarf Videos

  1. I am in need of 45-50 red scarves, light-weight, perhaps chiffon or silk for chorus members of an organization to which I am Wardrobe Chair. I hope to be granted some sort of discount for purchasing in bulk amounts for them. Also we are a tax deductible contribution organization. Thank you for your prompt response

    Gloria Yeager

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