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Guest Blogger: How to Style Scarves

Hi guys! My name Is Amber and I am excited to be guest blogging on today! Today I am sharing with you a how-to video on how to style a bunch of different types of scarves from I’ve shown each type of scarf in a separate photo below, along with links to where you can find them.

Skinny Scarves with a fun hairstyle

Skinny Scarf Braid Hairstyle

Pashmina Scarves

This is the Cambridge Houndstooth Wrap Scarf
Pashmina Scarf

Flowing scarves and a handbag tie!

(the handbag is from Handbag Heaven. See it here.)
This scarf is the Sandra Floral Scarf.
Handbag Tie Scarf

And finally an infinity scarf!

Shop the Leopard Print collection here.
Leopard Infinity Scarf

Here is a step-by-step of a fun knotted-scarf hairstyle!

How To Do A Knotted Scarf Braid Hairstyle

Step 1: Get a fun skinny scarf! The one I am using is the Rizzo Chevron Skinny Scarf.
Step 2: Put your hair into a low side ponytail.
Step 3: Put the scarf around your head and tie it at the base of the ponytail, keeping the ends even.
Step 4: Make a loose knot with the ends of the scarf.
Step 5: Take out your pony tail and split your hair into two sections.
Step 6: Take half of the hair on the right side and put it through the knot in the scarf.
Step 7: Take the other half of the hair on the left side and put it through the knot crossing over the other strand.
Step 8: Tighten the knot up to the two strands.
Step 9: Make another loose knot and repeat the other steps until finished!
Step 10: Rock your cute scarf hairstyle!

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Layered Knot
Long Rectangle Scarves, Master Knot List, Neck Scarves, Winter Scarves

Layered Knot

Start by putting the scarf around the front of your neck so the ends hang in back.

Wrap the end around to the front and loosen the loop so that its comfortable around you neck.

Cross one end over the other and tie a knot.

Make sure the end of the scarf hanging down in front is a bit longer than the end behind it, and make sure the longer end covers the shorter end.

Adjust the first loop so that it covers the knot and creates a tail in the front.

Chain Knot Wrap
Long Rectangle Scarves, Master Knot List, Skinny Scarves, Thin Scarves, Winter Scarves

Chain Knot Wrap

If you have long hair, start with it in a ponytail.

Put the middle of the scarf on the back of your neck and pul the ends up towards the top of your head.

Cross the ends together twice on top of your head.

Make sure the cross is centered on your head and pull the ends back under to the nape of your neck.

Tie Knot to secure.

Undo your ponytail.