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Tavi Gevinson: Style Rookie Turned Style Veteran

March 21, 2013 by Celebrities, Fashion

When you were 11 years old, how did you spend your free time? While you may have been dressing Barbie dolls, Chicago-born Tavi Gevinson was acting as her own personal stylist and posting her photographed looks on her very own fashion blog. From pre-teen blogger to teenage fashion muse and editor-in-chief of her very own magazine, Tavi is an inspiration in every sense of the word.

Here at SDN, we <3 Tavi. Read on for the lowdown on her many, many achievements.

Fashion Rookie

tavi gevinson: how the style rookie got her start

It was the spring of 2008 and Tavi, only in middle school, was busy posting away on her blog, The Style Rookie. Much to the surprise of fashion bloggers, journalists, and designers everywhere, Tavi seemed to have a compelling gift for creating unique looks resembling something of those featured in designer lookbooks — and not so much those of a young schoolgirl. While her style was a little out there, even for the most seasoned fashionista, her creativity and spark did not go unnoticed. Just months later, Tavi was featured in an article in the New York Times, and her fame grew from there.

In 2009, she was given the opportunity to do something most only dream of. She was invited to sit front row at many shows during Fashion Week, adding further flame to her fashion-fueled fire. Since then, she has become the muse of numerous designers around the world, been featured in numerous publications for not only her style, but also her views on feminism, and has even collaborated with designers to help create their collections.

Seasoned Style Vet

tavi gevinson: how the style rookie got her start

Currently editor-in-chief of her own online magazine, Rookie Magazine, Tavi is the Anna Wintour of her generation. She also recently published her own book, a super fun guide on being a teenage girl, which is entitled Rookie Yearbook One. Most recently, she had the opportunity to pursue acting. She filmed her first feature film this past summer, before returning home to start her junior year of high school last fall.

Along with her career, Tavi’s style has progressed tremendously, taking her from rookie to veteran in just four years. From slightly frumpy (but still kind of cool, right?!) to high fashion, Tavi has a natural talent for finding the perfect balance between thrifted, vintage pieces and the more modern ones of today. The end result is an ultra-trendy look that is uniquely her own.

…Isn’t that what we all want?

Image sources: The Style Rookie

11 Pretty Looks for Your NYE Party

December 24, 2012 by Beauty, Celebrities, DIY

Looking for some serious beauty inspiration for the big ball drop? Have no fear, fair scarf ladies. We scoured the best hair, makeup, and nail trends of the season to bring you the worthiest looks for your New Year’s Eve party. We recommend mixing and matching one or two of these trends for ultimate NYE star status — and for a serious chance at that midnight kiss.

Ps. If you’re stumped for what to wear with these looks, any of our holiday scarf knots and  head-to-toe holiday outfits will do the trick. ;)

1. The Metallic Lid

party makeup metallic eyeshadow

Blend an array of gold hues and silver shades for a stunning lid look that’s perfect for an upscale soiree.

TIP: Make sure to keep the darker hues closer to the lash line and the lighter hues closer to the brow bone. The most intense hue should be arched along the outside crease of your lid like the picture above.

2. The Top Knot

elizabeth olsen top knot

Kick this mega-2012 trend into high gear by positioning a ponytail on top of your head (directly upwards from the nape of your neck), teasing your mane, and then shaping a ballerina bun using bobbies.

TIP: To keep your ‘do messy-but-precise like Ashley Olsen, try these corkscrew hair pins. They do the work of twenty! Also, the SDN gals recently went to a Tricoci University beauty event, and one of their super-cool hairstylists says to skip the brush for a perfectly piecey ‘do.

3. The Burgundy Lip

Camilla Belle Dark Burgundy Lip

Ahhh, the burgundy lip. This vampy, Old Hollywood look is simply gorgeous on all skin tones — yes, even the pale gals out there (trust me, there’s quite a few of us in the SDN office). Keep the rest of your look bright and glowy like Camilla Belle.

TIP: We’ve tried this Wet & Wild Dark Wine version. It glides on so easily, and it’s a bargain — only 99 cents at the drugstore!

4. The Shimmery Polish

glitter nail polish

Champagne-hued nails are a glitzy gal’s best friend. If you’re feeling a little more playful, try a sparkly red, navy, or hot pink polish.

TIP: Get a gorgeous mixed metal look by following this tutorial from The Beauty Department!

5. The Sleek Pony

sleek pony

The sleek pony was the “it” hair trend on 2012 runways, but we love Kristin Cavallari’s looser version with a slightly tousled mane. This chic pony is perfect for any party look, especially when paired with glam drop earrings.

TIP: After blow drying your hair, curl it first before putting it into a pony. The trick to making waves and keeping prom-like curls at bay? Keep your strand out of the iron clamp, and don’t curl the ends (the last inch) of your hair. Also, be sure to finish with a shine serum to keep your hair smooth and sleek!

6. The Chic Headpiece

hairbands for the holidays

This accessory is the perfect party hair-topper, and you can cater it to show off your one-of-a-kind style. Try a classic headpiece like Olivia Wilde, don one with rhinestones or sequins for a glam look, or choose one with studs to get a little rebellious.

TIP: Place the hairband on your head before putting your hair up! Make sure to tease the hair at the crown of the band, and then sweep your locks into a loose bun.

7. The Navy Smokey Eye

navy smokey eye

For a special occasion like NYE, the navy smokey eye is a modern upgrade to the usual gray. Plus, it makes you look super mysterious and sexy — definitely tools for catching that cutie’s eye on the dance floor!

TIP: Place a tissue underneath your eye while you’re applying and blending the shadow with a brush — it keeps any dust from falling under your lids, giving you a “black eye effect.”

8. The Braided ‘Do & 9. The Fuchsia Lip

Keiko Lynn braided do

Channel your inner Heidi (sans the goats) with a milkmaid-braided hairdo that’ll keep any New Year’s dress looking girly. Another lovely trend? A stunning fuchsia lip. This color looks good on every skin tone — the brighter, the better — so pucker up!

TIP: Check out Keiko Lynn’s blog, the braided beauty behind this hairstyle how-to.

10. The Bright Red Pout & 11. The Beanie

Bright red lipstick

If you find yourself party hopping this NYE, don’t forget a super cute and trendy beanie. We love the styles featured recently on The Glitter Guide! And as always, stop traffic with a bright red lip on December 31st. Red commands attention — and so will you. ;)

TIP: To keep your red color from running, outline your lips with a neutral lipliner before applying the lipstick. Always go matte with the lipstick, unless you want to get glitzy with a chic baroque look!

Image sources:,,,,, (with no direct original source)

Celebrity Scarf Season Style

September 18, 2012 by Celebrities, Fashion, Miscellaneous

There’s much debate over what this time of year is called. Autumn or fall? Fall or autumn? Which is it?

I’m here today to settle this score. In our neck of the woods, we call it Scarf Season :). An endless and epic battle has now been resolved, thanks to Scarves Dot Net!

With Scarf Season officially starting on Saturday, a plethora of glamorous gals are already taking to the streets in scarftastic outfits.

Check out a few of our favorite looks so far. Click on the links below the images to shop the scarves!

Celebrities Wearing Scarves

Kendall Scarf || Carolina Scarf || Adele Scarf

Wait. You need some more? Here you go :)

More Celebs In Scarves

Teresa Scarf || Eva Scarf || Willow Scarf

We know these ladies are fabulous, but it’s the scarves that make our hearts flutter. Don’t they look lovely? If you need a few more ideas on how to style a scarf just like these starlets, check out these fall outfit ideas.

Happy Scarf Season, ladies!

SDN Gals!

Celebrity photos via People Style Watch




Celebrity Inspired Look: Whimsical Patterns

August 31, 2012 by Celebrities, Fashion

Looking for an easy way to make your wardrobe more jovial and exciting?  A quick fix is to incorporate whimsical patterns.  These playful and fanciful patterned pieces add smiles to every outfit.  From kittens and stars to rainbows and nautical prints, pretty patterns are everywhere.

A whimsical approach to a wardrobe is often an extension of a creative persona.  Often perceived as fun and flirty, whimsical style incorporates one-of-kind accessories to match the playful aesthetic.  Play with scarves, handbags, and jewelry to perfect your whimsical look.

Here are some fun, whimsical pieces to give you some ideas.

Whimsical Patterns

White Tank//Cat Tank//White Short Sleeve//Romper//Black Tank//Bright Scarf//Orange Scarf//Dress//Orange Short

If you need more inspiration, here a few celebrities showing off their whimsical looks!

Celebrities wearing whimisical patterns

Try this quirky, lighthearted look.  Maybe begin with an deconstructed, kitten-patterned dress paired with a bright, starry scarf. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re feeling really crafty, check out how to make your own whimsical scarf in this DIY: Galaxy Scarf tutorial. Happy scarfing!


The Scarf Gals

Adrien Brody as Salvador Dalí

August 2, 2011 by Celebrities, Fashion

Just because you haven’t seen Adrien Brody billed much at the box office lately doesn’t mean he’s not working. For example, in the past year alone, he’s released three indie films: “The Experiment” (2010), “Wrecked” (2011) and “Detachment” (2011). But if you’ve been missing him lately and his buddy Owen Wilson, you should check out both in Woody Allen’s latest film, “Midnight In Paris.”

With a star-studded cast that also includes Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller and Mimi Kennedy, “Midnight In Paris” has been reported as Woody’s highest grossing film to date. Adrien makes a cameo as the artist Salvador Dalí.

Currently, imdb says Adrien is “in production” for “Waco,” about the Waco controversy in 1993, but Desi Hits! suggests that he might also have a new collab in the works. Writer Neha Bhatt reports that Adrien and actor/producer Saif Ali Khan “bonded at the Cannes film festival this year” and “met again in Paris [in June]…to attend a party hosted by an international watch brand.”

A supposedly reliable, anonymous source says “the two had an intellectual discussion on Indian and international films” and want to make a film that Saif would produce. No word on where that brainchild is headed but here’s a photo of Adrien back in May for a Memorial Day get-together.

adrinne brody

It still might be ninety degrees outside but it’s not too early to start thinking about your fall wardobe! Check out our version of Adrien’s plaid pashmina today.

photo credit: Bonjour Paris, newsdrome,

Vanessa Hudgens To Play Pregnant Runaway

July 5, 2011 by Celebrities, Fashion

Vanessa Hudgens may be baby-faced but she is far from a child. Just observe how grown up this starlet looks in her most recent Candie’s shoot. In this photo she holds a mustache mug on a sunken couch wearing jeans and a warm caramel jacket.

vanessa hudgens


With previews for the Candie’s Fall 2011 Back-to-School collection, each ad also includes a Candie’s life philosophy, such as “Candie’s girls never take life too seriously” and “Candie’s girls never forget to treat themselves.”

Who are Vanessa’s fashion heroes? According to, she admires Bianca Jagger, Cher, Miley Cyrus, the Olsen Twins, Ashley Tisdale and Blake Lively to name a few. An interesting mix, but not so surprising considering how often Vanessa raves about ‘60s and ‘70s looks and her love for ladies who “play with fashion and have fun with it!”

Vanessa is also breaking away from her cutesy “High School Musical” image with films like action-drama “Sucker Punch” and the new indie flick she has lined up for 2012: “Gimme Shelter,” directed by Ron Krauss.

vanessa hudgens

According to, “Gimme Shelter” will feature Vanessa as “a pregnant teen who becomes homeless after fleeing from her abusive mother.” She seeks out her biological father for refuge only for him to pressure her to have an abortion. She refuses and takes once again to the streets. In another article about the project on, a casting call for Vanessa’s part says she is “eventually taken under the wing of Father McCarthy, the chaplain of the local hospital after almost getting herself killed.”

Skeptics aside, this new drama could be Vanessa’s big break! But dressing like an A-list actress in the meantime does not hurt. Here is an example of Vanessa looking Oscar-worthy in a gray pashmina scarf and brown jacket.

vanessa hudgens


In love with the scarf but know pashmina is not in season? Check out our gray two-tone linen scarf! Light for easy summer wear, this scarf is also available in Ocean Blue and Rose Red to add some flare to any outfit.

photo credit:, Just Jared, earsucker, Pashmina Shawl

Kim and Khloe Duke it Out on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

June 23, 2011 by Celebrities, Fashion

As if the Kardashians don’t have enough on their plate, their small fights on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” keep getting in the way of family time. On a recent show during the new season, Kim questions why Khloe still has photos in her bedroom of Kim’s ex-boyfriends. Not just one, but two, of the frames hold pictures of Kim’s last flames.

Granted she and Kris Humphries have only been together for a short period of time, Kim still takes offense to her ex’s faces being in Khloe’s room. Only Kim knows how she feels about Kris. Khloe doesn’t want to know because she’s used to having to get to know one after the other. You think this foreshadows the end of her and Kris? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, the Kardashians must keep from killing one another. This time, Khloe makes peace by throwing the photos, frames and all, in the trash can, breaking them.

Later, Khloe apologizes to Kim and promises to give Kris a chance, but little does Kim know, it’s only to make peace, and not because Khloe wants to accept Kris into their circle. The close-knit family always finds a way of reconciling their differences. We know they always do it in style, too! Kim’s scarf and jacket ensemble highlight her slick ponytail style by making her face pop. The pairing of the black scarf with the tan jacket is a way to keep your colors guessing!

tribal scarf

Get Kim’s look with one of our summer scarves — the Penelope Trekker Pashmina!

Photo Credit: E! Online and Fame Wired