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Look HOT in polka dots

March 9, 2016 by Fashion

Hello! Happy Wednesday! xo

Who is ready for spring and summer?! I am so ready! I already started shopping for my spring wardrobe! Have you guys?! If not, then you better start before all of the good items are gone… like our polka dot scarves! You can never go wrong with polka dots. It’s a must have for warmer weather and they will NEVER go out of style. Small polka dots, big polka dots… you name it, we have it! My favorite look is a polka dot scarf with a denim jacket! It’s so darling and it will brighten anyone’s day!

Did I mention that all of our polka dot scarves are ON SALE!!! Use code: dots25 to receive 25% off your polka dot scarf! I added some of my favorites below, check them out!


PolkaDotSale (1)



LuluDottedScarf4 (1)

SusanBubbleDotPashmina4 (1)



Shop our SALE and save big time! Thanks for reading! xox


My fav scarves on sale

February 24, 2016 by Fashion

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! is having a SALE! All scarves are 30% off! Use code: flirty30 at checkout to receive your discount!

Scarves are perfect for any season! They are def a closet staple! In the spring and summer, a scarf is great for those colder nights and if you are like me and hate the cold, I am constantly wearing a scarf in the winter! I bundle up as much as I possibly can to keep out the cold air, I am such a baby when it comes to the cold! You can never go wrong with a scarf and lucky you… they are all on sale! YAY!

Below, I added some pictures of my favorite scarves! I added summer, spring and winter scarves so you guys can get some ideas on how to wear your scarf! We also have a knot library you guys should go check out as well! We have so many options on how to tie a scarf! xo


LauraBlanketScarf3 (1)

Laura Blanket scarf– perfect for those cold winter days!

LoniGeo3 (1)

Loni geo Floral Infinity scarf– perfect for summer/spring. Pair it with a denim jacket!

AmberMetallicPoncho2 (1)

Amber Metallic Poncho– Perfect for all year long! I love wearing my poncho as a swim suit cover up!

CeciliaPlaidRuffle (2)

Our Cecilia Plaid Ruffle scarf– Brighten up your spring days and nights with this adorable scarf!


Our selection of pashmina scarves- You can never go wrong with this scarf! It’s literally perfect and it’s one of our top selling scarves!

30offSaleScarves (1)


Thank you for reading! Shop our SALE!




5 GREAT gift ideas!

December 2, 2015 by Fashion

What to get your BFF for Christmas:

We all know that you want to get your BFF the best gift out there. Am I right?! Well a scarf is the perfect start. We have over 300 new styles to choose from! Keep your BFF warm this holiday season by getting her one of our ADORABLE blanket scarfs. (click here) It’s no secret that you cannot help but “Do Tell” everyone who looks at your BFF when they see one of our blanket scarfs that you got it for them! Bold and bright, who wouldn’t want to be your BFF after looking at this scarf!

 the pic

What to get your boyfriend or husband for Christmas this year:

Don’t you fret! We have scarves for men too! Keep your man nice and warm this holiday season with one of our hand selected mens scarves we oh so love. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer and the perfect addition to their closet. After this wonderful gift, he will be oh so very happy. You won’t regret it ladies. (; So start shopping now!


What to get your sister for Christmas:

Alright, we all know that this is the most important gift! Your sister is not only just your sister… she is your BEST friend as well! So show her how much you love her this year by spoiling her with one of our bright pashmina scarves!  Here is a present that she is sure to enjoy! Chic and sweet, a Pashmina scarf is sure to be the gift that keeps on giving!!Second giveaway


What to get your mother in-law for Christmas:

As the temperature drops, go on and get your mother in-law something memorable this cold, winter season. Get her one of our adorable plaid scarves. The color is electric and the heat is sure to be on as you make your way through the frigid cold of the winter season with one of our plaid scarves. Few things are as eye-catching as plaid, and this beauty is perfect for the chilly days and nights ahead. Cozier than a necklace, but just as stylish and affordable.


What to get your co-worker for Christmas:

Alright… we all know that your co-worker is the hardest to buy for. You can NEVER go wrong with a scarf! Whether your co-worker is a girl or a guy.. we have scarves for both! They won’t ever forget how “warm” you made them feel this winter with one of our scarfs! We have over 300 new arrivals so get shopping because our inventory goes quick!

About that time again ❤️ #fall

Thanks for reading!




Make Normcore Your Trend

January 9, 2015 by Fashion

For those of you who aren’t familiar with normcore, it is the latest trending term to describe “normal” way to dress. Sure, we all know it as the everyday jeans and a t-shirt look, though with the fast pace that fashion trends run on, this too has been uplifted to new and dazzling heights of glamour and ‘it’ chicness that is simply a must do. Continue Reading

Discover the Best Scarf for You

January 6, 2015 by Fashion

Shopping for scarves is always fun, though at times, it must get a little bit of a frazzling experience with so many beautiful choices in color and pattern available. Where do you begin and how do you single out a scarf that suits your personal style and complements your skin tone best.

Choosing the right scarf to match your skin tone is treading a delicate balance between a complete hit and potentially epic fail. Avoid disaster and spending money on an accessory you will barely come to use after a slight remark made by a friend or colleague. Here are some cool tips to discovering the absolutely best color scarf to bring out the best in you. Continue Reading

Easy Date Dress Ideas

January 5, 2015 by Fashion

bf072fa42cdb7c60e61d5433e95f9768Ever feel at a loss without the slightest idea on how to dress up for a date? A gut wrenching time for any woman on a first date, possibly with the man of her dreams, how do you actually being to pull a look together? A lot of women of course choose an outfit based on the place of your date. You would be certain to dress differently to a fancy fine dine restaurant than if you were to watch a movie. Continue Reading

Scarf Essentials to Every Wardrobe

January 2, 2015 by Fashion, Lifestyle

jackie-blackScarves are the quintessential fashion accessory. There aren’t many other pieces of clothing or extras that come close to the many benefits scarves have to offer. This unassuming piece of fabric keeps you warm, makes you look incredibly stylish, and completes your entire look. And perhaps the best part about scarves is that you don’t need a truck load of them. Continue Reading

Brighten Up Neutral Outfits with Scarves

December 29, 2014 by Fashion

6d90803267be8959d67f759b07fdab43Fashionistas love challenges and simply adore the opportunity to bring new feels to everyday outfits. Spice up your wardrobe with an absolute lovely fashion essential to work with during crisp winter days. With the holidays around the corner, give up shying away from head to toe pictures and selfies that really complement your style. Continue Reading

Scarf Knots Done Right

December 26, 2014 by Fashion, Scarf Tying

A definitive fashion accessory, scarves worn right can completely transform any outfit.firstsnow-1-4_zps1462c412 Undoubtedly versatile, scarves come in numerous patterns, shapes, designs, colors and sizes, and can be knotted and draped in many different styles so suit any kind of look. The way you wear a scarf adds heaps to your style quotient. Add that certain je ne sais quoi to your look with a totally très chic and mod vibe found in the nonchalant and incredibly modest scarf. Continue Reading