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Noelle of Noelle’s Favorite Things

December 10, 2014 by Fashion, Featured Scarves, Scarf Style Guide


Scarves Dot Net is thrilled to introduce Noelle of Noelle’s Favorite Things! We’ve never met a girl more vintage than this. Noelle is a 20-something fashionista living in Brooklyn who loves peter pan collars and bunnies! We love how she styled our Best Seller the Tyler Plaid Blanket Scarf with a sweetheart handbag and sweetheart elbow patches. Doesn’t she look so cozy? Show her some love and check out her adorbale blog! Continue Reading

Kim of The Sensible Stylista

November 19, 2014 by Fashion, Featured Scarves, Scarf Style Guide


Meet Kim from The Sensible Stylista, we love how she styled our Zebra Print Pashmina with a fancy crop top/mini skirt matching set. Kim is a Korean-American girl living in Baltimore, Maryland. When Kim isn’t blogging about her fabulous fashion sense she can be found playing the piano. She has studied music “for what seems like an eternity.” We love this musically talented fashionista, show her some love and check out her sensible blog!

Fashion Week Inspired Street Style

November 16, 2014 by Featured Scarves, Scarf Style Guide

chicago fashion week_newAs fashion week detailing trends and upcoming looks for the season this fall come to an end we were happy to see exceptional designs, patterns, and ensembles featured and worn to the many events. Though perhaps the most appealing combinations and fun style was found out on the street with ensembles that really popped and work as great inspiration to build your own fashionably styled street wear repertoire. Continue Reading

Reinvent your Black Scarf

November 13, 2014 by Fashion, Featured Scarves, Scarf Style Guide

Almost every woman in the world owns a black scarf, and most women often leavewidow_hooded_scarf_5_this uninspiring item either at the back of their closet or stashed in a corner on the floor of their wardrobe. Dark and mute black scarfs have taken a beating and pushed to the back seat, especially now since color has resurfaced as the ‘it’ thing in every outfit.

Avoid offending sentiments and make use of this classic closet accessory without letting your look get to boring. Turn it around by simply adding a bit of pizazz in your ensemble and use the scarf to tie it all in together and complete your outfit with a certain chic cohesion. Continue Reading

Skinny or Oversized

October 8, 2014 by Fashion, Featured Scarves, Scarf Style Guide

Scarves are wardrobe essentials now that winter is here. A multipurpose fashion must for every outfit, scarves add incredible style and that much needed warmth factor. Get noticed for being the fashionably sophisticated and hip girl in town with a funky scarf that complements your personality and style.

With so many options in scarves trending this season that range from skinny to oversized styles. Take your pick of skinny scarf looks to suit warmer days or choose to oversize it to brave crisper weather. Continue Reading

A Head Scarf is a Multi-Faceted Accessory

September 24, 2014 by Fashion, Featured Scarves, Scarf Style Guide, Scarf Tying

Headscarves have been worn for eons for a number of reasons. They can be used for keeping the head warm, to keep hair do’s intact, or purely as a fashion statement. Katharine Hepburn and Grace Kelly made the trend way popular in the 60s.

Here’s how to wear a head scarf

head scarfYou can simply fold a scarf in to a triangle and wrap it around your head and tie the corners falling down your face into a knot. This look is quite common and keeps the hair from flying astray. You can also try various styles of wrapping a head scarf which will make you look ultra-chic.

Let’s start with the ‘Up in Knots’ style, which looks like a hair band and holds hair in place. Take a scarf or a skinny scarf and fold it horizontally until you are left with about a 4 inch wide rectangle. Center the scarf on the nape of the neck, bring each side to the front of the head, and tie a double knot. Take the two sides hanging down, twist, wrap, twist again, and tuck in the ends.

The second style is aptly called ‘Little Bow Peep’. This too is more or less like a hair band, but looks really cute, too. Take a skinny scarf; fold it in horizontally in half, just like ‘Up in Knots.’ Next, center the scarf at the nape and tie a knot by bringing both sides on top of your ears. Make a two sided knot over one eye, tie a bow, and tuck in the ends.

Headscarves are fun

How about a style known as ‘Knotted and Nautical,’ which begins the same way as the other two styles. The knot this time is centered on the head and the loose ends are tied, twisted and tucked under.

Last comes the ‘Itty Bitty Bow.’ A small square scarf is folded in a triangle. Centered on the neck, the scarf is tied over the ears on the top of the head. The tips are tucked in like a bow.

Headscarves can prove to be very versatile and practical yet fashionable. Try a few styles today and you will definitely be complimented for making a style statement.

20+ Ways to Tie a Head Scarf

June 11, 2014 by Fashion, Featured Scarves, Scarf Tying

Hello, sunshine! Long-awaited light and lovely days are upon us, and while for many this may signal the end of scarf season, we see it as an opportunity to twist, knot, and style our lightest and brightest scarves in a series of new ways!

This spring, the must-try trend we’re obsessing over is the head scarf. While it may seem like a daunting task to transform a scarf into a beautiful new ‘do, we’ve made it easier than ever to mimic the season’s most popular head scarf styles — and, of course, a few knots of our own! With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow video tutorials, the SDN gals will have you tying like a pro in no time.

For instructions on our newest knots, click through the head scarves below. Also, be sure to check out our complete collection of head scarf tutorials over in the Knot Library and be sure to browse our Knots for Hope resource, the original inspiration for our head scarf obsession.

20+ ways to tie a head scarf

Twist & ShoutHeidi BraidKnotty TwistUp in KnotsItty Bitty BowTwisted CrownTwisty TurbanSide Scarf PonyKnotty But NiceKnotted & NauticalLittle Bow PeepMiddle of EverywhereA Knot in My HairAll Twisted UpMy Little PonyTo Be or Knot to BeCriss CrossOversized ChignonMiss KnottyDo The TwistHead Scarf Tutorials

Looking for new scarves to style this spring? Shop our spring collection, perfect for pairing with everything from maxi dresses to flowy blouses. Not to mention, they’re absolute head scarf perfection!

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