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Scarf Essentials to Every Wardrobe

January 2, 2015 by Fashion, Lifestyle

jackie-blackScarves are the quintessential fashion accessory. There aren’t many other pieces of clothing or extras that come close to the many benefits scarves have to offer. This unassuming piece of fabric keeps you warm, makes you look incredibly stylish, and completes your entire look. And perhaps the best part about scarves is that you don’t need a truck load of them. Continue Reading

Wedding Scarves

December 23, 2014 by Fashion, Lifestyle

3c550012ac6c52b17c1f3470e32e25b0With winter weddings coming soon, there aren’t many dress options that wouldn’t be complete and comfortably warm without a scarf. Probably one of the best things about scarves is that you can incorporate them into absolutely any kind of look in a way that completely changes the look altogether. Continue Reading

Outrageous Scarf Combos

December 13, 2014 by Fashion, Lifestyle

Without a doubt, scarvesMIRB 1 are elemental fashion extras, especially during nippier weather. Instant outfit rejuvenators, scarves have taken over as the ‘it’ fashion accessory, something no woman, or man, for that matter leaves home without.

Worn in a variety of combinations and styles, scarves define your look in a charming and effortless manner. No matter how simple and easy to style a scarf can be, there’s a lot that can go horribly wrong or teeter on the edge of overdone when trying to hit that trending look.

Bold style often comes at a price and here is a look at some scarf combinations that are either raging hits or looks that would definitely call for a double take. Continue Reading

Fur on Fur

November 17, 2014 by Lifestyle, Scarf Style Guide, Scarf Tying

Fur is one of our favorite textured functional pieces to turn to as winter sits around11831309434_888a76b194_b the corner. What better way to fend off the cold and let loose the diva in you with classic fur on fur combinations, certain to keep you warm and looking totally chic this winter season. Although a fur scarf worn with a fur coat done wrong can be a lot to digest and possibly leave you looking like a hairy primate, if not worn tastefully.

Here are a few inspired looks that will keep you warm as the temperatures drop and have you look your best in fur. Continue Reading

Layer it Right

November 12, 2014 by Fashion, Lifestyle, Scarf Style Guide

how-to-layer-for-fallWith fall here, it’s time to get inventive with the layers ladies. Get sartorially creative and bundle up against the cold with fun accessories that complement elemental pieces in your wardrobe. This fall is all about getting the layers down right. Play with colors, mix and match items around to create new and interesting looks. It’s all about having fun with your wardrobe and enjoy fashion at its inventive and functional finest. Continue Reading