Celeb Style: Blake Lively of Gossip Girl’s Scarf

March 25, 2010 by Celebrities, Fashion

Once again, our dear friend Blake is  flaunting her excellent style in front of the camera. The elegant ocean-blue scarf is a very cool contrast to her blond locks.  A true beauty, this one. Hard not to hate her.

Now, I may not be a golden-haired girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t flaunt this style all the same. However, my iteration will necessitate with a bit more crinkle and a drastically smaller price.  Enter: the Jennifer Crinkle Scarf — an easy way to add a bit of flare to a wide variety of ensembles. It comes in five hot shades (teal blue, yellow, green, purple, and grey) and thus pretty much matches any look you throw at it.

Sorry Blake, but I actually prefer our version to be honest.  The crinkle trend has become a dominant part of the scarf family, and I think/hope it’s here to stay.

Blake Lively of Gossip Girl's Cobalt Blue Tassle Scarf

Photo Credit: Jezebel.com

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