13 Scarf-Tastic Olympic Uniforms Throughout History

July 20, 2012 by Miscellaneous

Here in the Scarves Dot Net office we have a soft spot for some good pomp and circumstance. (And we’ve been known to swing a scarf or two around our heads in celebration.) ; ) While watching all of the news roll in about the upcoming London Olympics, we can’t help but notice all of pretty little scarves amidst the opening ceremony uniforms — so we decided to compile a few for your perusing. ; )

american olympic uniform1. USA, 2012. (Image Source: National Post)

olympic uniform

2. Russia, 1992. (Image Source: The Daily)

china olympic uniform

3. China, 2012. (Image Source: Runway2Reality)

belize olympic uniform

4. Belize, 2012. (Image Source: Olympic Fanatic)

germany olympic uniform

5. Germany, 2012. (Image Source: Time)

South Korea olympic uniform

6. South Korea, 2012. (Image Source: Time)

australia olympic uniform

7. Australia, 2012. (Image Source: Zimbio)

spain olympic uniform

8. Spain, 2008. (Image Source: The Daily)

2008 olympics opening ceremony Iran

9. Iran, 2008. (Image Source: Newshopper)

france olympic uniform

10. France, 1976. (Image Source: Buzzfeed)

ukraine olympic uniform

11. Ukraine, 2012. (Image Source: Kyivpost)

olympic uniform USA

12. USA, 2000. (Image Source: FoxSports)

olympic uniform

13. Morocco, 1992. (Image Source: TheDaily) Technically not scarves, but we love capes too! ;)

While we are the first to fight for free-spirited fashion and the banishment of uniformity, there is just something so cool about all of the Olympians walking in the opening ceremonies supporting their country. If there’s ever a time to dress the same as your neighbor, the Olympics have to be it. ; )

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