Alternative Scarves

alternative uses for scarves

Who said scarves are only for fashion? With a little bit of creativity, you can use scarves as home or wedding decorations.

scarf ceiling decoration

scarf ceiling decoration

The Free People store in Pittsburgh used scarves as ceiling decorations by hanging them from the ceiling beams like sails.

scarf bunting

diy scarf bunting

Skunkboy Creatures shares a simple and sweet DIY tutorial on how to make scarf bunting, a perfect decoration for a party or nursery.

scarf table runner

scarf as a table runner

Who said you have to use actual runners to dress up your table? Wedding Thrift shows how she saved money on wedding decorations by using scarf table runners!

framed scarves

frame scarves

If you have a beautiful silk scarf, why not frame it? Apartment Therapy shares great photos.

scarf marionette

how to make a scarf marionetteWhat a fun use of a scarf for the kids. Magical Moonshine Theatre is a traveling group that performs puppet, mask, and musical performances.

scarf curtain

scarf curtain

Use a scarf as a window treatment or wall embellishment. This great idea is from Country Living.

tree skirt scarves

scarves as tree skirt

Circle scarves around the base of your tree for a DIY holiday decoration — via Real Simple.

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