12 *More* Ways to Tie a Scarf

12 More Ways to Tie a Scarf

Remember this graphic on how to tie scarves? It’s back! Now with a brand new batch of creative ways to tie your favorite neck embellishment, this easy-breezy graphic is here to rescue stumped scarf lovers everywhere! :)

1. Four-in-Hand Choker

Follow the directions of the Four-in-Hand scarf knot. Then tuck the hanging ends of your scarf up around your neck.

2. Split End Scarf

Fold your scarf in half and place the middle of your halved scarf at the back of your neck, with a loop on one side and the ends on the other. Then split the ends of the scarf and put one side through the loop.

3. Knotted Necklace

So simple! Just tie three knots in your scarf, then put it on your neck like a necklace. Tie the scarf behind your neck and fluff the knots to taste.

4. Twisty Scarf Loop II

Place your scarf on the back of your neck with only about a foot of your scarf hanging off to one side. Start twisting your scarf and wrapping it around your neck. When you can’t twist anymore, tie the ends of your scarf together to secure it.

5. Dramatic Drape

Lay the middle of your scarf on one shoulder. Bring one end of your scarf around the back of your neck and one end to the front.

6. Twisted Lavalliere

Similar to #4, let a little bit of scarf hang off to one shoulder. Start twisting your scarf and wrapping it around your neck twice. Then tuck the scarf under the twisted section to secure, and let the longer scarf strands hang down.

7. Double Scarf Braid

You’ll need two scarves for this knot. With both of your scarves lined up together, place the middles on the back of your neck. With three of the ends, tie a knot towards the base. Slip the additional end into the loop between your neck and the knot.

8. Twisted Helix Scarf Loop

Take the middle of your scarf and drape it in front of you. Then wrap the ends of the scarf around your neck and back to the front. Start tightly wrapping the ends of the scarf around the front loop to make the twisted effect.

9. Monroe Half Bow

Take the middle of your scarf and put it on the back of your neck. Tie a knot in front. Slide the knot over to your shoulder for a sophisticated look.

10. Challah Scarf Knot

More sophisticated directions are available for the Challah Scarf Knot over here! :)

11. Scarf Corkscrew

Find the middle of your scarf and place it at the back of your neck. With both ends of your scarf, start loosely wrapping the ends around the loop around your neck.

12. Criss Cross Shrug

Find the middle of your scarf and place it at the back of your neck. Cross the ends of the scarf in front at your chest and bring them around to the small of your back. Tie the scarf at your back. Adjust the scarf for comfort. :)

Still looking for more scarf-tying ideas? Check out “The Knot Library” with over 50+ ways to tie a scarf!

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    • Hello! So happy to meet a fellow scarf lover :) While we don’t have videos for all of our tying adventures, you can find the many videos we have here: http://www.scarves.net/how-to-tie-a-scarf/ Happy tying!

  4. my job is having a customer appreciation day and part of my job is to do scarf tying demonstrations. and i really want to get a better description of the ”twisted helix scarf loop” i think it is super cute and would be one to learn.

    • Hi Mariah! We apologize if it’s confusing! We’re currently in the process of making a video tutorial for each of these knots to better show you how to do it — stay tuned!

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