How To Tie a Scarf: Challah Scarf Knot

Challah Scarf Knot


Inspired by the Jewish bread for special occasions, the Challah Scarf Knot is sure to add style and excitement to any occasion — special or ordinary. Pair it with a flouncy skirt, some Mary Jane heels, and a simple shirt for a look that’s refined, yet whimsical.

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Challah Scarf Knot Step 1: First, take your scarf and rest it on the back of your neck with one end significantly longer than the other.
Challah Scarf Knot  Step 2: Wrap the scarf around your neck once with the longer end of the scarf.
Challah Scarf Knot  Step 3: Next, take the long end of the scarf and push it under the loop around your neck. With the end of the scarf that you pushed through the loop at your neck, pull it through the smaller gap left open.
Challah Scarf Knot Step 4: Pulled tight. It should look something like this.
Challah Scarf Knot Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 a few times until you see a braid forming.

Challah Scarf Knot

And that’s it! A special knot for a special occasion. ;)

2 thoughts on “How To Tie a Scarf: Challah Scarf Knot

    • Hey Maggy! Since the challah scarf is a little bit more intricate, we suggest using a longer rectangular scarf. For example, these scarf lengths would work quite perfectly: and Hopefully this helps!

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