How to Tie a Scarf: Infinity Scarf Shrug

how to tie a scarf



how to tie a scarf You’ll need an infinity scarf for this tutorial, or you can make a no-sew infinity scarf with these instructions!
how to tie a scarf The only thing you need to do for the infinity scarf shrug is to take your infinity scarf and let it rest on your back. Slip your arms in like you would put on a backpack and adjust your scarf to make it look its best. That’s it! :)


4 thoughts on “How to Tie a Scarf: Infinity Scarf Shrug

  1. I was at a $10 shop at an airport and purchased a scarf that oblong the lady showed me how to wear it as a vest, but I don’t remember. I have looked for how to do and never did find it. Any ideas? It was simple but for the life of me I can’t remember.

    • Diane fold the scarf in half so it forms a square then tie the two top corners together. open up the scarf snd put your arms through the holes – and you have a vest! turn it upsidown and you have a shawl that stays put :-)
      hope this helps.

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