8 thoughts on “Savvy Scarves

  1. I absolutely love your huge inventory of quality scarves. They have become my newest gifts for many. They are so reasonable that they can be ” just because” gifts, the best of all presents.
    Thanks for your personal note, Charissa. It s appreciated.

  2. I have been wearing your adorable Scarves in my Salon with my outfits and my clients are LOVING THEM!! I would love to be able to retail them in my own Salon. All of my clients are asking about them and how can they get them from me in my Salon setting? Is it possible to start retailing your Scarves in my “Sprinkle Of Style Salon?” Thanks so much, Vickey Sprinkle/Owner & Manager.

    • Hi Vickey! Thank you so much for reaching out — we’re so happy your clients are fans of SDN, too! Please contact our merchandising team at julie@oneclickventures.com for more about your inquiry. Have a lovely day :)

  3. And just when I thought I couldn’t love your fabulous scarves (shop) – I discover your wonderful blog and all the awesome ways to tie and wear your scarves. Thank you!

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