Scarf Styling: Knots for Every Neckline

With so many opportunities for scarf styling ahead, we figured it was time to put our Knot Library to the test! We sent our scarf scouts out into the field with one challenge in mind – to prove that you can wear a scarf with practically anything.

Our stylish soldiers rose to the occasion and rifled through the racks, returning triumphant with the perfect knot to play up every neckline!

Ps. Just click through the neckline image of your choice for more on how to tie the perfectly-paired knot!

Round: Fancy Braid V-Neck: Four-in-Hand Camisole: Knot Row Square: Chain Knot Sweetheart: Ponytail Wrap One-Shoulder: Scarf Boa Strapless: Scarf Belt Bateau: Pan Am Off-the-Shoulder: Girly Windsor

For an even deeper look at our troop’s top-secret findings, check out page 7 of our All Tied Up ebook!

Even More Knots for Every Neckline

Attention all knot connoisseurs! Be sure to check out our other new neckline-specific knots to master below:

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