• Half Bow

    Half Bow
    STEP 1 Pull the scarf around the back of your neck. STEP 2 Adjust the ends so that one is longer than the other. STEP 3 Cross the longer ends over the shorter one. STEP 4 Pull the longer end up through the bottom, creating a loop. STEP 5 As you pull, keep the end taunt so it tightens securely around your neck. STEP 6 Spread the bow...
  • Fake Knot

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    Fake Knot
    STEP 1 Make a loose knot at one end of the scarf. STEP 2 Wrap the scarf around the back of your neck once and then a second time. STEP 3 Pull the loose end of the scarf through the knot. STEP 4 Pull the knot upward to tighten. STEP 5 Loosen the neck loop until the scarf fits comfortably around your neck. The post Fake Knot...
  • Four-in-Hand

    STEP 1 Fold the scarf in half and place the scarf around the back of your neck with a loop on one side. STEP 2 Pull one of the ends through the loop. STEP 3 Twist the loop. STEP 4 Pull the other end of the scarf through the loop. STEP 5 Adjust the scarf for fit so it lies flat on your chest....
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