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Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” Audrey died of appendix cancer at age 63, but her words live on. Here at Scarves Dot Net, we too believe in miracles. That’s why we’re committed to serving the cancer community.

Knots for Hope is a place of inspiration for those affected by cancer. It’s our wish that our resources on how to tie a head scarf will help women who have experienced hair loss feel confident and beautiful. We hope our stories reassure patients and their loved ones that they are not alone.

Most importantly, our goal is to support cancer research so that we can put an end to this disease. Read our stories, join our conversation, and start knotting for hope!

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  • Posted on by Abbey

    I am looking for advice on what types of scarves are best to use on my head. I will be losing my hair in the next few weeks due to chemotherapy and I am unsure what to buy, where to buy it and how to correctly tie a scarf. I am not the type of person who likes to stand out and I worry how I will look.

  • Posted on by K. Collins

    Here we are 2018 and your scarf tying tutorials are still helpful. I don’t have hair loss from breast cancer like the others on this list…but recently had brain surgery #crainiotomy due to a #raredisease. It’s in my left frontal lobe and extremely tender. The incision is like a question mark from in front of my ear, curving to where my hair part would be on the top of my head and forward. Anything tight, heavy or with the ends going across that is painful. I tried a silk scarf – tada! Works great…but the knot slips and it gradually falls off. Still looking for the right style for me…thank you for your blog!

  • Posted on by Iris

    omg this site has given me such comfort and hope! Like most of these women I too have started chemo [diagnosed with triple negative breast ca] and “was so sure I could handle loosing my hair”until it started to happen. My beautiful supportive daughter gave me all her beautiful scarves,thinking I had time to practice I put them away,UNTILL TODAY!! THANKS TO THIS SITE, I WILL LOOK FORWARD TO WEARING MY SCARVES WITH PRIDE!!

  • Posted on by Diane August

    Hi I have breast cancer in Feb. 23 2016 I had both breast removed and now I started Chemo. I only had one treatment so far and my hair has started to fall out .I do have a wig but I don’t wear it all the time when I’m at home I just wear scarfs. I don not have many so I would like to learn how to tie them . I like you site and I site and I just tried my first scarf thanks for being here.

  • Posted on by Loredana

    Hello there.

    I’m new to breast cancer since I have just been diagnosed with it a month ago. I’m in good spirits and positive that I’m going to beat this beast, but my hair has started to fall, so I need to start practicing my head scarfing skills. I’m angry because I’m losing my hair. One thing was knowing that I might lose it, but one thing is actually seeing it. I have to thank my sweet husband who’s been near me the whole time for find your site.
    Thank you for giving us the chance to look good no matter what.
    Loredana from China.

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