• Style up Evening Wear with a Scarf

    Style up Evening Wear with a Scarf
    Classic and elegant evening wear calls for an extra bit of fashion to make the occasion even more special and memorable. What better way to achieve sweeping style with a delicate, almost gossamer scarf neatly pinned or knotted on a shoulder? A scarf simply draped across your shoulders or even held in place looped around the elbows makes a startling difference to an evening...
  • Fresh and Elegant Ways to Wear Scarves

    Fresh and Elegant Ways to Wear Scarves
    Acclaimed by fashion gurus the world over as the new fashion necklace this season, scarves remain to be top hot and popular style additions. Everybody, men and children included, enjoys wearing scarves as soon as the temperature drops. However one of the most common obstacles women face is what to do with their scarves, apart from the ever mundane double loop around the neck.
  • Reinvent your Black Scarf

    Reinvent your Black Scarf
    Almost every woman in the world owns a black scarf, and most women often leave this uninspiring item either at the back of their closet or stashed in a corner on the floor of their wardrobe. Dark and mute black scarfs have taken a beating and pushed to the back seat, especially now since color has resurfaced as the ‘it’ thing in every outfit....
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