• How To Stop a Scarf from Shedding

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    How To Stop a Scarf from Shedding
    Picture this: You’re wearing the greatest outfit with a scarf to complete it. You look good; you know you look good. So you go inside somewhere and it’s kind of warm. You decide to take your scarf off and…. GAAAAH! There are little fibers all over that great top, because your scarf decided to shed. So I guess you will have to put the...
  • Trendy Ideas for Scarves

    Trendy Ideas for Scarves
    Both men and women like to look stylish and follow the latest fashion trends. It's a known fact that women have more options when it comes to accessories to accentuate their wardrobe. Most women use accessories to make a fashion statement and explore their individuality. The fashion accessory that's gaining momentum is scarves. Scarves are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, textures, and...
  • Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

    Rebecca of The Clothes Horse
    Swooning over this adorable look by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse featuring our Patti Pashmina Scarf in Black! Rebecca is a 27 year old blogger living in Pennsylvania. When asked what her fashion philosophy is Rebecca answered;
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