How To Stop a Scarf from Shedding

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Picture this: You’re wearing the greatest outfit with a scarf to complete it. You look good; you know you look good. So you go inside somewhere and it’s kind of warm. You decide to take your scarf off and…. GAAAAH! There are little fibers all over that great top, because your scarf decided to shed. So I guess you will have to put the scarf back on and sweat it.

You’ve probably wondered to yourself many a times if there is a way to prevent such a catastrophe. Well, you can put your worrying aside my friends, because there is a solution to this problem. The methods are different depending on the fiber of your scarf, but they’re simple.

Protein fiber: These are fibers from an animal, which includes wool, cashmere and angora. Fold your scarf up, stick it in a Ziploc baggy and put it in the freezer for 24 hours. This will stop the shedding problem and should be done before each wear.

Cellulose fiber: These fibers are from plants and include cotton and linen. Just throw the scarf in the dryer for about 10 minutes before wearing. Easy fix.

Synthetic fiber: These fibers are man-made, such as acrylic, polyester or nylon. These fibers aren’t meant to shed, so if yours is, you might be able to return it. But be sure that the scarf is 100% synthetic before complaining to customer service.

For all scarves, it helps to hand wash them with mild detergents. The spinning and rubbing of the washing machine could provoke scarf shedding, as could certain detergents. Avoid storing them against rough surfaces like concrete walls or unpolished woods. Follow these tips and you will hopefully never be covered in scarf hair again!

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  • Posted on by Anna Varga

    Husband: We need to nip out!
    Wife: Sorry darling, wait! I need 20 minutes…to freeze my scarf first 🙄🙄🙄

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