• Reasons Why Women Love Scarves

    Back on the fashion accessories trend this winter is immutable styling of the glorious scarf. Not only do scarves keep your outfit in check, but also make you feel comfortable and warm out in the biting cold of winter. Regarded as a girl’s best friend scarves have outplayed their role...

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  • Color Me Burgundy This Fall

    Color Me Burgundy This Fall

    Burgundy is the new black for handbag fashion this season. An ideal accent for any palette, this exquisite and commanding color has set the handbag trend. Deeply alluring, burgundy is also referred to as oxblood or Bordeaux, and the color looks divine in absolutely every style of bags possible. Better yet,...

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  • DIY: Homemade Beauty Products

    We know how much you all love DIY posts, so we’ve got another one for you! This one is centered around cosmetics and skin care that you can make at home. After diamonds, cosmetics and skin care products are definitely a girl’s best friend. By using some simple tips for...

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  • Accessories Can Make or Break a Look

    Accessories Can Make or Break a Look

    You may dress well, but the look is incomplete without the right accessories. We can loosely define a fashion accessory as a secondary item that contributes to a wearer’s outfit. An accessory can be a purse, jewelry, gloves, shoes, jackets, boots, suspenders-the list is endless. In fact, anything other than...

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  • Pantone-Inspired Scarves & Accessories!

    Pantone-Inspired Scarves & Accessories!

    At Scarves.net, we’re head-over-heels for the latest Pantone Color of the Year! Rich, vibrant Radiant Orchid is just the right amount of playful, polished, and pretty. Plus, purple has always been our choice for adding drama to our look (it’s the color of royals, after all)! If you’re a little shy...

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    KNOTS FOR HOPE Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” Audrey died of appendix cancer at age 63, but her words live on. Here at Scarves Dot Net, we too believe in miracles. That’s why we’re committed to serving the cancer...

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  • 11 Pretty Looks for Your NYE Party

    11 Pretty Looks for Your NYE Party

    Looking for some serious beauty inspiration for the big ball drop? Have no fear, fair scarf ladies. We scoured the best hair, makeup, and nail trends of the season to bring you the worthiest looks for your New Year’s Eve party. We recommend mixing and matching one or two of...

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  • Stacie’s Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair

    Stacie’s Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair

    For me, with the curly mop of unruliness that is my hair, second-day hair is not a choice. It is a necessity. You would be amazed at the amount of product that goes into taming curly hair. (To my fellow curly-locked gals, am I right or what?) While I was...

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