• Celebrity Scarf Envy

    Celebrity Scarf Envy

    When it comes to high fashion scarves celebrities do it best. Here at Scarves Dot Net we are constantly striving to give you that high fashion celebrity look. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite scarf-wearing celebs and their celebrity scarf style…

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  • How to Wear Scarves

    How to Wear Scarves

    HOW TO WEAR SCARVES There’s more than one way to wear a scarf. These scarf experts prove the scarf is the most versatile accessory. 50 ways to wear a scarf Sydney at How Does She shares with us 50 ways to wear a scarf. Click the image to see the other 44 ways....

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  • Tavi Gevinson: Style Rookie Turned Style Veteran

    When you were 11 years old, how did you spend your free time? While you may have been dressing Barbie dolls, Chicago-born Tavi Gevinson was acting as her own personal stylist and posting her photographed looks on her very own fashion blog. From pre-teen blogger to teenage fashion muse and...

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  • 11 Pretty Looks for Your NYE Party

    11 Pretty Looks for Your NYE Party

    Looking for some serious beauty inspiration for the big ball drop? Have no fear, fair scarf ladies. We scoured the best hair, makeup, and nail trends of the season to bring you the worthiest looks for your New Year’s Eve party. We recommend mixing and matching one or two of...

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  • Celebrity Scarf Season Style

    Celebrity Scarf Season Style

    There’s much debate over what this time of year is called. Autumn or fall? Fall or autumn? Which is it? I’m here today to settle this score. In our neck of the woods, we call it Scarf Season :). An endless and epic battle has now been resolved, thanks to...

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  • Celebrity Inspired Look: Whimsical Patterns

    Celebrity Inspired Look: Whimsical Patterns

    Looking for an easy way to make your wardrobe more jovial and exciting?  A quick fix is to incorporate whimsical patterns.  These playful and fanciful patterned pieces add smiles to every outfit.  From kittens and stars to rainbows and nautical prints, pretty patterns are everywhere. A whimsical approach to a...

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  • But Why, Kanye, Why?

    Dear Mr. West,   While we were thoroughly entertained by your impromptu Twitter-analysis of New York street fashion, we here at Scarves.net beg to differ. Say what you will about the cargo shorts, but please, take it easy on our beloved striped scarves. ; ) Xoxo, Scarves Dot Net There's...

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  • Adrien Brody as Salvador Dalí

    Adrien Brody as Salvador Dalí

    Just because you haven’t seen Adrien Brody billed much at the box office lately doesn’t mean he’s not working. For example, in the past year alone, he’s released three indie films: “The Experiment” (2010), “Wrecked” (2011) and “Detachment” (2011). But if you’ve been missing him lately and his buddy Owen...

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