Reasons Why Women Love Scarves


reasons why women love scarves

Back on the fashion accessories trend this winter is immutable styling of the glorious scarf. Not only do scarves keep your outfit in check, but also make you feel comfortable and warm out in the biting cold of winter. Regarded as a girl’s best friend scarves have outplayed their role as typical fashion accessory and have transcended to the position of essential items in every modern woman’s wardrobe arsenal.

Here are a few ultimate reasons why women adore scarves.


Scarves bring comfort by the yard, much like days of childhood when all that would bring you peace and joy was the touch and feel of a warm comforter or blanket. Reminiscent of the warm cozy bed left to brave the cold of day, scarves keep you hip and feeling great throughout the day and well into the night. Look great bundled up in a loose chunky knit taupe long scarf over a patterned knit jumper, leggings and oversized collar coat worn with patent leather tassel loafers.

white scarves

Instant Outfit Changers

Adding a scarf to an outfit is a guaranteed style maker and rarely a breaker. Scarves take your style to a whole new level of cool and hip with the inexhaustible ways to wear them. Simply looped around the neck, or transformed in a neck tie or pretzel knot, scarves will remain one of the most favored fashion accessories for women. The positives to scarves are two-fold with functionality taking precedence over fashion, not that it hinders style in any way. Loop a block cashmere scarf over long sleeve blouse, a favorite sweater or pull over, cutoff denim shorts, warm leggings and boots to match.

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Style definers

Since the trend this season has shown a definite shift back to accessorizing fashion in a big way, scarves are the ultimate choice to make in style and personality enhancers. Bring out the cute and feminine side in you with a knit scarf tied in a bow knot in the front, or drape it in elegance around shoulders and neck for a royal approach. Look glamorous in neutral (black) stretch dress, black tights, long collared overcoat in a muted color, worn with zip ankle heel booties, matched with an infinity cowl scarf.

Embrace the graphic trend in a block pullover, skinny or tuxedo trousers, boots, print duster coat and a ruffled or knit scarf.

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