Ode to the Viscose Scarf


vicose scarfScarves are perfect accessories when the temperatures drop, but perhaps what’s most liked most about them is the fact that they can be used all year round to brighten up almost any ordinary outfit. Over time scarves have grown to be alluring extras that have transcended the boundaries of being more than just functional additions, but fashion statements.

Fashion scarves are all about lightweight materials that bring in a dash of print, bold color, abstract art, ethnic charm and pizazz in a simple addition. Whether you wear scarves to keep warm or cozy, or just as a fashionable tie around the wrist or head, then you must be familiar with viscose scarves.



Traditional art

Viscose scarves exude style and are available in a wide selection of prints inspired by ancient design and motifs. Original paisley designs and prints inspired by Victorian times are rendered to complement the modern palette. Handmade soft gossamer scarves are every ladies best friend and accompaniment to a variety of styles and outfits to suit all sorts of occasions.

Beautiful paisley patterns on delicate viscose make elegant additions to any outfit. Look divine and wear your graphic printed scarf in the trend of the season thrown over your shoulders with the ends hanging loose and belted at the waist over a printed sheath dress.

traditional art scarf

Flower prints

Perhaps one of the most adored and well-loved designs found in scarves today. Floral prints are forever in vogue and rarely go out of commission in the fashion sense. Always great extras that lend bounce and a glint of femininity to an outfit, especially those that lean more toward the masculine, like the boxy office pants suit.

Soft to the touch and immensely warm, viscose scarves come in fascinating designs that complement features and personal style in a beautiful way. Wear a flower printed scarf tied up on the ever trendy cow girl style knotted to one side with the usual office pants and blazer combination.

flower prints



Distinctive and one of a kind, embroidered scarves with fringed borders lend monochromatic looks quality and charm. Intricate designs hand stitched to perfection add a delicate touch elegance rarely found in printed pieces. Let your scarf speak for itself and stand out as the star of your outfit.

Bold and bright colors with unique hand-crafted embroidery lend a delightful mix of vintage glamour and contemporary chic deliver everyday looks a new avatar.

embroidered scarf

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