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  black scarf with accessories

Almost every woman in the world owns a black scarf, and most women often leave this uninspiring item either at the back of their closet or stashed in a corner on the floor of their wardrobe. Dark and mute black scarfs have taken a beating and pushed to the back seat, especially now since color has resurfaced as the ‘it’ thing in every outfit.

Avoid offending sentiments and make use of this classic closet accessory without letting your look get to boring. Turn it around by simply adding a bit of pizazz in your ensemble and use the scarf to tie it all in together and complete your outfit with a certain chic cohesion.

Metal on neutralwindow hooded scarf

Spice up this timeless winter accessory by enjoying its versatility to the fullest. Simple additions like a play on similar dark tones like deep winter greens, ox blood and dark purples worn as bottoms and complemented by V neck metallic sweater top or cardigan is undoubtedly fabulous, and a black scarf is the ultimate addition that reels the entire look together.

Black scarf as an extra mute and tone down the drama factor in an outfit, especially when paired with rich colors evident this season.


Black on printblack scarf on print outfit

Contrast is cool and incredibly stunning when done tastefully. Pair your black scarf with a bold printed sweater or top worn on cropped stretch leather pants, black tweed coat and ankle boots.

Pairing the piece with separates that catch the eye and standout in a dynamic way. Go with prints that look elegant. Pair a leopard print long sleeve blouse with black leather skinnies, boots and a black scarf; or go everyday cool with a camouflage sweater paired with dark bottoms and your black scarf of course. Boxy sleeveless tops, or long sleeved tunic work beautifully too.


black scarf with styleLet the scarf become your focus

Keep the rest of your outfit subtle and light when wearing a black scarf. Keep your entire outfit to shades of heather grey, light blue or neutral tones. This will upgrade your scarf to status of statement accessory that is certain to grab appreciative glances with an extra that grabs attention.

Wear a thick heavy black scarf with striped trousers, soft grey sweater and moccasins.


Introduce texture black textured scarf

Textured separates bring an exciting and enriching experience to any style. Go monochrome with a styled black on black everything. Mix your black scarf with a black leather jacket, black metallic long sleeve cardigan or metallic sweater, black cropped pants or wrap skirt and leather pumps.

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