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Hi guys! My name Is Amber and I am excited to be guest blogging on today! Today I am sharing with you a how-to video on how to style a bunch of different types of scarves from I’ve shown each type of scarf in a separate photo below, along with links to where you can find them.
Skinny Scarves with a fun hairstyle
Skinny Scarves with a fun hairstlye
This is the Cambridge Houndstooth Wrap Scarf
Flowing scarves and a handbag tie!
(the handbag is from Handbag Heaven.) This scarf is the Sandra Floral Scarf.
And finally an infinity scarf!
Leopard Infinity Scarf
Here is a step-by-step of a fun knotted-scarf hairstyle!


Step 1: Get a fun skinny scarf! The one I am using is the Rizzo Chevron Skinny Scarf.

Step 2: Put your hair into a low side ponytail.

Step 3: Put the scarf around your head and tie it at the base of the ponytail, keeping the ends even.

Step 4: Make a loose knot with the ends of the scarf.

Step 5: Take out your pony tail and split your hair into two sections.

Step 6: Take half of the hair on the right side and put it through the knot in the scarf.

Step 7: Take the other half of the hair on the left side and put it through the knot crossing over the other strand.

Step 8: Tighten the knot up to the two strands.

Step 9: Make another loose knot and repeat the other steps until finished!

Step 10: Rock your cute scarf hairstyle!For more beauty, makeup, hair and fashion styling tips check out my blog and my YouTube channel

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