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Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” Audrey died of appendix cancer at age 63, but her words live on. Here at Scarves Dot Net, we too believe in miracles. That’s why we’re committed to serving the cancer community.

Knots for Hope is a place of inspiration for those affected by cancer. It’s our wish that our resources on how to tie a head scarf will help women who have experienced hair loss feel confident and beautiful. We hope our stories reassure patients and their loved ones that they are not alone.

Most importantly, our goal is to support cancer research so that we can put an end to this disease. Read our stories, join our conversation, and start knotting for hope!

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  • Posted on by Linda Harding

    Thank you for your tutorials and suggestions. I am new to breast cancer and chemo. My hair was my best feature in in my 60’s. I always thought the head scarfs were so much prettier than trying to match a wig to my former hair. I am grateful to all the Cancer Warriors out there!

  • Posted on by Aidan

    I don’t have cancer, nor do I have a personal connection to anyone who does, but I do have hair loss due to trichotillomania. The head scarf knots that I have learned on this website have been so helpful, and I don’t have to feel so ashamed anymore! I can walk around with a variety of beautiful scarf styles without people seeing my bald spots. Thank you so much! I hope you have a nice day!

  • Posted on by Lin

    Hi my daughter found this site and sent me a link and it very useful.
    I had breast cancer 13 years ago that was successfully treated with a mastectomy, Radio and Chemo therapy. Chemo was mild and although my hair went very thin it did not fall out and gradually recovered to its precancerous state. Never recovered its previous thickness or curliness though. Then in August this year a routine mammogram showed I had breast cancer again in the other breast. Plus signs are that it is an unrelated cancer and caught early, down side is I have to have cancer treatment again! So far lumpectomy ok but tests showed cancer in a couple of nodes in my armpit. I was given a choice of having chemo or not but when the oncologist says you may benefit you don’t really have a choice. Have to have a different chemo this time and told I would loose my hair, oddly it dis not seem to matter as much this time. I had my first chemo in November and started to watch for signs of my hair falling out, it is different for everyone apparently so no one could give me much info on what to expect. A few days before I was due for my second dose, it was a Saturday and I noticed hair in the wash basin as I cleaned my teeth I showed my husband and ran my fingers through my hair, more fell into the sink, it had started. By Sunday more was falling out and I could pull handfuls out easily (not that I did this much). I had bought a hat in preparation and needed to wear it by Monday as the hair loss was becoming noticeable. By Wednesday I only had a few very ugly tufts so I cut these off and looked like I had a crew cut. Today, Friday I only have a bit of stubble left. This is my story so far and I hope someone finds it useful, I have always believed that fear of the unknown is the worst so if this helps to make it less scary for someone who has been told they are going to loose their hair with treatment then great. I’m sure it does very from person to person though, so it may not happen exactly like this for you. Anyway i’m off to practice tying the loverly scarf my daughter has sent me, now all I have to do is choose which style to try first!

  • Posted on by Sarah

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia 2 months ago. My hair started to fall out fast because of aggressive chemo. I knew I didn’t want to wear wigs but I did love scarves and wraps. This website is amazing in all it’s glory! I am going out with my mom tonight before I go back into the hospital. I needed some cute styles for scarves. This site popped up! I’m so happy it did, I just did the criss cross style and my best friend said it was über cute! So thank you for raising my confidence by allowing me to tie scarves in cute styles!

  • Posted on by Rose

    I stumbled upon this website looking for scarves to wear after my hair started falling off due to chemotherapy. I have triple negative breast cancer and needed to start chemo right away. I was scared of the diagnosis, the chemo, and now the hair falling but through the variety and beauty of the scarves I feel like I will be excited to try different ones on and make a fashion statement while I’m at it. Anything to make a girl feel special while going through this horrible ordeal.

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