• Travel Necessities: 3 Scarves You Need on Your Vacation

    If you follow our sister blog, you may already be familiar with our guest this week – the fabulous Gemma from Retro Chick, who writes about fashion with a vintage/retro twist. In this post she explains why it’s important to always leave room for scarves in your suitcase. With spring...

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  • Celeb Style: Demi Lovato’s Scarf Style

    Celeb Style: Demi Lovato’s Scarf Style

    Literally spotted (I crack myself up), Disney Channel star Demi Lovato strutting her stuff in a chic leopard print wrap . (I’m telling you, the leopard is everywhere!) Whether draped long or looped around the neck, this haute look is easy to wear, and even more easy to afford  at...

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  • Spring and Summer Scarves

    Spring and Summer Scarves

    Let’s give a big welcome to Ina from My Vogue, a fantastic website that reviews affordable clothing and gives you great tips for putting together that perfect outfit. In this post she gives us her take on wearing scarves in the warmer months – don’t worry, you don’t have to...

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  • Wednesday Guest Post: Birdie in Vegas!

    Wednesday Guest Post: Birdie in Vegas!

    Happy Wednesday, everybody! As promised, Birdie from Bonne Vie is back to tell us about her adventures in Vegas with the Jessica Circle Scarf. Enjoy! Every February, my fiancé and I make a trip to Vegas to meet with friends, and to get away from the Pacific Northwest rain. Usually...

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  • Celeb Style: Get Lauren Conrad’s Look

    Celeb Style: Get Lauren Conrad’s Look

    Lauren is killing it cream and black leather combo. Here, she goes for an interesting juxtaposition of hard and soft, with her mix of tough-as-nails leather on bottom with soft and sheer touches on top. Love the look? Easy peasy. Check out these cream scarves and you’re half-way there. My...

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  • Weekly Blogosphere Roundup

    Weekly Blogosphere Roundup

    It’s 8 January 2010.  I know what you’re all thinking… Happy 75th Birthday, Elvis! Here is the first man to wear a scarf unabashedly. And he made it his signature in his later years, as he occasionally handed out his sweat-drenched scarves to hyperventilating fans during his concerts. Sounds gross....

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  • How to Wear a Circle Scarf Video, Part 1

    Need some circle scarf instruction? We’ve created a three part video series with just you in mind! Look for a new video on the next few Thursdays or head to our YouTube channel to see them all now. Check it: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaP2HlXiNJE[/youtube] There's no place like home! Take me back to...

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  • Wednesday Q&A: DWJ of The Art of Accessories

    You’re in for a chic treat because today’s guest blogger is the The Art of Accessories‘ DWJ, a lovely lady with a resume that includes features in the Washington Post online and a Kreativ Blogger Award. As implied in the title, DWJ’s corner of the blogosphere is caulked full of...

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