How to Tie a Scarf: Bisous Bow Tie

March 6, 2012 by Fashion, Scarf Tying

how to tie a scarf


how to tie a neck scarfStart by placing your scarf on the back of your neck with one end longer than the other.
how to tie a bow tie scarfWrap the long end of the scarf around your neck twice. When you’re done wrapping, one end should still be a tad longer than the other end. Take the longer side and slip it under the shorter side.
how to tie a neck scarfAfter you slip the longer end under the shorter end, bring the longer end up in front of the layers and then back down behind all the loops next to your neck.
how to tie a scarfStraighten the middle knot and make sure both ends of the scarf are even. You got it! :)


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  • Reply Krista February 7, 2013 at 5:33 am

    Tried this one today and loved it! It was perfect for a scarf I have that is too short to tie the way I usually wear my scarves.

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