Celebrity Scarf Season Style


There’s much debate over what this time of year is called. Autumn or fall? Fall or autumn? Which is it?

I’m here today to settle this score. In our neck of the woods, we call it Scarf Season :). An endless and epic battle has now been resolved, thanks to Scarves Dot Net!

With Scarf Season officially starting on Saturday, a plethora of glamorous gals are already taking to the streets in scarftastic outfits.

Check out a few of our favorite looks so far. Click on the links below the images to shop the scarves!

Celebrity Scarf Season Style

Kendall Scarf || Carolina Scarf || Adele Scarf

Wait. You need some more? Here you go :)

Scarf Season Style

Teresa Scarf || Eva Scarf || Willow Scarf

We know these ladies are fabulous, but it’s the scarves that make our hearts flutter. Don’t they look lovely? If you need a few more ideas on how to style a scarf just like these starlets, check out these fall outfit ideas.

Happy Scarf Season, ladies!

SDN Gals!

Celebrity photos via People Style Watch




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