DIY: How to Make a Galaxy Scarf


DIY Galaxy Scarf

☆☆☆How do you organize a party in space?☆☆☆ You planet! (Hehe. ;)) Lame puns aside, we’ve got a thing for the galactic sprawl here in the scarf office, so we decided to channel that love by making a galaxy-print scarf!

Supplies for DIY Galaxy Scarf

What you need:

A black scarf (We think cotton works best. Painting on linen leaves the fabric super stiff!)
☆Soft fabric paint (We recommend white, and found it at Walmart.)
☆Simply Spray fabric paint (Also available at Walmart.)
☆Small paintbrush

Ps. If you want to make a galaxy scarf without paint, you can use bleach on cotton or silk scarves. Check out this tutorial on how to make a galaxy dress for advice with bleach. ;)

Showing off the DIY Galaxy Scarf

How to make the galaxy-print scarf:

Step 1: First, spread out a thin layer of white fabric paint on a flat surface. Bunch your scarf up into a wad, and dip small sections of the scarf into the paint. We’re pretty random about dipping the scarf bunches into the paint, but we try to space apart the areas as to leave large areas of black for the “sky.”

light blue paint used for the DIY Galaxy Scarf

Step 2: Once you’ve dipped various sections of your scarf into the paint, pat and massage the scarf so that the wet paint spreads out naturally (kind of like if you were to wad up a paper towel and squeeze/pat out excess water). Don’t be scared to get your hands wet with the paint — you could leave a cool hand print on your scarf like we did below! ;)

DIY Galaxy Scarf hand dipped in paint and smudged

Step 3: Rub the fabric of your scarf together to get rid of any large paint globs or spread out any choppy areas of thick paint. By rubbing the fabric against itself, you create natural, soft lines where the scarf was dipped into the paint. This gives it a wispy, “dreamy night sky” affect.

Spray paint used to accent the DIY Galaxy Scarf

Step 4: After you’ve rubbed and spread out the paint on your scarf to your galactic taste, take the Simply Spray paint, and spray around the white paint sections on the scarf. Think of the spray as an accent glow to your “starry night sky,” like the aurora borealis.

Seriously — go at this like a possessed kid in an art room. The crazier you are with the spray paint (just spray like crazy on the scarf, and use as many colors as you’d like on top of one another!), the more natural your galaxy will look. Just be sure to leave a few spots of your white paint showing, as the the middle of your interstellar galaxy centers. ;)

stars drawn on the DIY Galaxy Scarf

Step 5: After all of your (both the original white and the spray) paint is dry, dip your brush into fresh white paint and draw some stars all around your scarf. To draw a star, we put different sized dots in places, and also drew dots with four equidistant lines around it.  From little dots of paint to stars with trails, go crazy all over the scarf!

DIY Galaxy Scarf wrapped around the neck of the model

Step 6: Let your scarf dry completely (it might take a few hours), and Voila! You have the prettiest galaxy scarf ever. Ours is modeled by our out-of-this-world lovely intern, Amanda.

Amanda the intern modelling the DIY Galaxy Scarf

the DIY Galaxy Scarf worn by Amanda
☆☆☆ Let out that inner space nerd and get craftin’! You’ll look totally stellar (and interstellar) in this scarf. ; ) ☆☆☆

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