DIY: Scarftastic Handbag Organizer


You know how we love using our scarves for pretty much everything! Well, for this DIY we chose to use them as a way to organize our plethora of handbags. Enjoy!


What you’ll need:

1. a hanger

2. a dowel

3. interfacing

4. three scarves (we used; two of our Jamie Metallic Leopard Scarves, and one Solid Colored Pashmina)

5. fabric glue

6. iron

7. pins

8. measuring tape

9. fabric scissors

Start by folding the main middle scarf (our solid pashmina) in half and cutting a small hole in the top of the scarf for the top of the hanger to go through



Now lay the scarf out flat on a table and get your interfacing ready. We used interfacing to help give the scarf some extra support. Place the interfacing on one half of the scarf and follow the interfacing instructions to iron it onto the scarf.


Once your interfacing is attached to one side, grab your hanger and the dowel! Push the top of hanger through the small hole you cut earlier, then place the dowel under the hanger. Our dowel was a little longer than the scarf so we just used a small table saw to make it the right length. Use your fabric glue to attach each side of the centerpiece and to keep your dowel and hanger in place. Then fold the scarf in half to create the centerpiece for your handbag organizer.

We suggest that you leave this overnight to dry before attaching the side pockets. To attach the side pockets grab the second scarf of your choice and lay it out flat on the centerpiece. Use your pins to pin down the scarf to your liking. We folded the scarf into thirds by laying the scarf down flat on the centerpiece, making sure its centered. Then we grabbed the ends of the scarf and fold them to meet in the middle. Then we pinned them down to test how we liked the size of the pockets. If you liked the size, you will glue your ends. We used our fabric glue to attach each end of the scarf and the create the pockets.

We suggest letting this dry overnight before repeating these steps for the other side. Your finished product should look similar to this–>


We added a little bow at the top for a feminine touch! We love how our handbag organizer turned out and can’t wait to see it hanging in our closets!!

Tell us what you think! Do you have any other DIY projects you wanna see us try? Let us know by commenting below!

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