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Okay guys, we all know you want to look fab for your upcoming holiday parties. Well… we got you covered! I am going to show you the 3 perfect accessories for your holiday party outfit. Hats, scarves and add the perfect touch to your outfit by completing it with a purse. I am going to let you in on a little secret and show you all of our best selling accessories.

Lets start talking about hats. Hats are the perfect addition to any outfit and right now, hats are everyone’s fav.  You can never go wrong by adding a hat to your adorable holiday outfit… plus its a good way to keep you warm. I have every color of beanie that scarves.net has to offer ( in love with all of them. ) Everyone needs a good hat for winter… I have about 10 hats sitting in my closet right now. AH! ( you can never have to many options… right?! ) I am going to show you one of my favorite slouchy beanies. It comes in black (my personal fav), taupe, cream, purple, blue and pink.

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 beanies black scarves hat

Alright… I have been so excited to show you one of our best selling scarves! It’s the Renee Polka Dot Skinny Scarf.  I am OBSESSED with leather and polka dots together. The best thing about Polka dot print right now is it’s considered a neutral in the fashion world. Polka dots goes with about anything, and works for any age. Your two month old baby can wear it and so can your 99 year old grandma! You can also add polka dots to any outfit and it immediately spices everything up. I get compliments on it each time I wear it! This scarf is a MUST HAVE for your holiday outfit!

 polka dot skinny scarf

Top your holiday outfit off with a purse! Plus, every lady needs a good purse that you can keep all of your necessities in.  I carry my whole room in this thing. You never know when you need an extra dab of blush or lip gloss. We have this purse in red, black or grey. I LOVE THEM ALL. Each of these colors are perfect… that’s why I have all three. ( I have a shopping problem…) You can’t go wrong with this purse! Think about how adorable this purse would be with our Renee Polka Dot Skinny Scarf and our slouch beanie. OBSESSED.

black polka dot white chiffon long sleeve


I hope this post has helped you find your perfect holiday party outfit! Until next time… xoxo


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