Gifts For Mom


Another holiday… another gift! It’s always so hard to find a gift or decide what to get your mom for Mothers day! I struggle with it every year and always wait till last minute! So I am here to help all of you find the perfect gift for your mom! Mothers do so much for us, so this gift has to be perfect and thoughtful!

Here are a couple ideas:

A card, flowers and a scarf in her favorite color.

Make a coupon book of things you will do for her

A meaningful necklace

Scarf and sun glasses

A picture of you guys and flowers

I could keep going but I don’t want to bore you! Below I added some of my favorite scarves we have for mothers day:

 Girl With White Scarf


Lace & Ruffles

Girl With Floral White Scarf



Girl With Paisley White Scarf


Polka dots & Paisley

Use code: LUVMOM at checkout to receive 30% off your scarf purchase! XO

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