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There is a reason it’s known as the art of gift-giving. Finding the perfect present for a friend or family member can be quite the daunting task. Trust me, I know. Last semester I studied in Italy and days before our flight home, my roommate decided it was imperative for her to buy a scarf for everyone she had ever met. We set out for the outdoor market (in the rain, might I add) where I spent nearly two hours watching her choose, re-choose, and re-choose the perfect scarves for her friends and family. While I stood there nodding in agreement that the navy pashmina would look great on Aunt Millie, I couldn’t help but think there must be an easier way. With a little bit of pre-planning, finding the right scarf for a loved one can be quite easy.

  1. Fabric First. Selecting a fabric is a great way to narrow your focus and make the wide world of scarves easier to conquer. When choosing a fabric for a friend, consider the season you’re buying for. Cashmere and wool are great options for those colder months whereas a lightweight cotton is perfect for summer. And be sure to consider any fabric allergies your friend might have because who wants a gift that makes them itch?
  2. Personalize for Personality. Take a minute to think about your scarf recipient. Is she bold and outgoing, fun and flirty or maybe classic and classy? What about her lifestyle? Is she hitting the books or hitting the town? Be sure to consider where she would be likely to show off her beautiful new scarf and what items in her wardrobe it would complement. Which brings us to Numero Tre…
  3. Choosing Color. You want a color that is really going to show off her existing wardrobe. If you take into consideration the colors in her closet and some basic principles, you can pick colors that are really going to pop. And if selecting a color is stressing you out, look for neutrals. Black, brown, gray, and navy are classic options that will complement any outfit.

See, that wasn’t so difficult! Now let the gift-giving commence!


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