Jennifer Aniston…Or Angelina Jolie?


Jennifer Aniston is always in competition with Angelina Jolie because of her connection to Brad Pitt. E!Online’s “Bitch Stole My Look” compared both divas wearing warm-colored dresses, but at two separate events. Even if Jen would rather not be compared to Jolie, she has to weather the consequences of being Brad’s ex (a burden I”m sure many would take!).

Whether in constant competition with Angelina, or the next beautiful woman on the red carpet, Jennifer proves she is capable of staying at the top. She will be awarded the “Decade of Hotness Award” at Spike T.V. annual “Guys Choice” celebration on June 10. The recognition is a huge honor! The other women who have been chosen for the awards are Halle Berry and Charlize Theron.

Jen and Angelina

Jen is known for her perfect body, perfect hair, and perfect smile. I don’t see how she does it! Not only has she been hot for over a decade, her fashion sense has also been among the most talked about. Summer has brought about some awesome new fashion trends for the Jennifer Aniston in you!

Jennifer Aniston

Scarves are not just worn for winter anymore. They are now in style for the summer months as well! Jennifer Aniston sports a neutral scarf paired with a white T-shirt, jeans, and tan wedges. The look is  casual, but sexy and very stylish. You can mix and match a white T with a neutral colored scarf like Jen, or you can add some color with a patterned scarf. Start your summer off with a fresh fashion trend. Lightweight and stylish, these scarves are going fast! Duplicate the look with one of our scarves!

Going for the neutral look like Jen? Try our grey scarf!

solid color gray scarf

Rather have a splash of color? Try our Josie Floral Scarf!

Josie Floral Scarf

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