Maggie’s Scarf Solution for Second-Day Hair


I hate needles. Absolutely terrified. I’m so scared of them, when I found out I needed a round of vaccines before entering college, I went out and got a tattoo to try and overcome my fears so I wouldn’t be a convulsing, blubbering mess at the doctors office. All that really did was get me addicted to ink, and the thought of a hypodermic needle still terrifies me.

So how does that relate to second-day hair? Since the mere thought of giving blood makes me weak in the knees, I feel like I have to compensate somewhere. I do that by donating my hair. Since I was little, I’ve received compliments on the color (it’s natural!), and I love giving away something so precious. But donating hair is much more time consuming (I’m talking 5-6 years of growth) than giving blood, and I’m doing all I can to speed up the process. Similar to Sarah’s reasons, I’ve cut back on the washings to improve the health and overall growth of my locks.

I have baby fine strands that I normally wash every day. Until I researched it, I had no idea that the oils I was producing were actually good for my hair. It’s taken a lot of getting used to, but I’ve embraced the second-day hairstyles I’ve picked up. One of my favorites is a classic, go-to high ponytail.

The style isn’t that complex. I sprayed dry shampoo on my roots then combed through. I gathered a ponytail near my crown and secured, then I used a tiny bit of hairspray to control a few fly-aways. Like Sarah (and the rest of the ScarvesDotNet girls), I love a soft, silk scarf, so I tied one around my ponytail for a little splash of color. I was kind of weary about it first– it looks slightly cheerleader-ish. But as the day went on, I could reach up and touch the soft scarf, and it brought an instant feeling of pretty! You can get the scarf here.

And in case you were wondering, Sarah’s wedding was gorgeous! Check out her sneak peak photos, from Sara and Mallary Photography.  :)

If you are also interested in the gift of hair donation, I strongly urge you to visit Locks of Love. Sending away those ten inches of hair was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to do it again. Happy growing!


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