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Without a doubt, scarves are elemental fashion extras, especially during nippier weather. Instant outfit rejuvenators, scarves have taken over as the ‘it’ fashion accessory, something no woman, or man, for that matter leaves home without.

Worn in a variety of combinations and styles, scarves define your look in a charming and effortless manner. No matter how simple and easy to style a scarf can be, there’s a lot that can go horribly wrong or teeter on the edge of overdone when trying to hit that trending look.

Bold style often comes at a price and here is a look at some scarf combinations that are either raging hits or looks that would definitely call for a double take.

White on white on white

white on white

A look for the daringly edgy moloko chic fashionista, or a seemingly uninspired getup; all white chromatic outfits often leave much to be desired. Of course a lot depends on choice of blouse, trousers, leggings or pencil skirt, finished off with a top quality light weight, either chiffon or silk scarf.

Would you think of pairing a white scarf with a complete white outfit, or are you the kind who enjoys a splash of color and adores mixing, matching and playing with tints, tones and textures.

If you do like the pristine silhouette then consider introducing change in texture to add dimension. Try pairing a blended wool and mohair scarf with a boucle sweater top worn with cropped off white trousers and matched with pointy toe sling-back flats.

Bold statement indeed

bold statement 

Statement style is forever radical and over the top, though it’s easy to tip over on to the other side and end up being a spectacle rather than a show stopper. However, if done right you’re in for loads of compliments and even be considered an inspiration.

Get noticed and make heads turn with a multi colored fur scarf, though instead of pairing it with a bold or printed outfit, consider taking a neutral monochromatic look, to bring out the best in your accessory and let the scarf shine.

Stripes and lace

stripes and lace

An odd combination, or a definite way to stand out from the crowd, you decide. An unexpected, and far from mainstream ensemble, both lace and knit or wool, rate high on texture and make a startling appearance when paired together.

Look like a diva and come off as one unafraid to experiment with style. Wear your favorite striped scarf over an embellished sweater top accentuated by a lace skirt with hosiery and booties to match.

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