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Whether you or someone you know has been directly affected by cancer, educating yourself about the disease can be an overwhelming process. Scarves Dot Net has compiled a list of resources and information to help you learn more about options and opportunities available to you, as well as a boatload of blogs and books written by those who have been there before.


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Bloggers who openly and honestly share stories about how cancer has affected their lives:

A Fresh Chapter
Terri shares her global adventures as she experiences life after breast cancer.

And You May Ask Yourself-Well…How Did I Get Here?
Star writes about her journey to redefine herself as she copes with her husband’s untimely death.

Beauty For Ashes
Joannah talks about life after losing her husband to kidney cancer and how she strives to once again have joy in her life.

Boo-Bee Trap
TC shares her approach to dealing with cancer through all the medical highs and lows.

Breast Cancer? But Doctor…I Hate Pink!
Ann gives her no-nonsense, hard-hitting approach to cancer with a few jokes in the middle of it all.

Breast Cancer Sisterhood
This site is run by multiple women to provide accurate resources, answer questions, and allow each to share their personal testimony about breast cancer.

Breast Investigators
A social network of cancer patients, survivors, organizations, and advocates that provides easy access to quality information surrounding all aspects of breast cancer.

Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog
Caroline shares her musings of the medical world as she faced breast cancer and discusses her ups and downs with the disease.

Chemobrain…..In The Fog With AM From BC 2 AD
AnneMarie writes about the memory of her father and urges others to help bring an end to breast cancer.

Dancing With Cancer: Living With Mets, The New Normal
Jill blogs about “dancing” through chemo treatments and life with cancer.

I Hate Breast Cancer
Kathy gives readers her hard-hitting and informational approach to cancer, along with current news updates about the disease.

Let Life Happen
Barbara tells her inspirational story of surviving breast cancer and domestic abuse.

Miracle Survivors: Inspiration & Information For Cancer Thrivers
Tami shows her determination to beat the odds and shares others’ miraculous testimonies of living beyond their diagnosis.

My Breast Cancer Blog
Jacki recounts the story of her 8-year survival from breast cancer. Follow her stories about her life, struggles, her family, and her determination to beat the odds.

My Stage IV Life
Laura transparently discusses her battle with Stage IV cancer.

Nancy’s Point: A Blog About Breast Cancer And Loss
Nancy shares the story of losing her mother to cancer, followed by her own diagnosis.

Pink Goose
Acacia honestly describes her feelings towards breast cancer and the daily musings of her life with metastatic breast cancer.

The Battle We Didn’t Choose: My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer
Angelo tells the heart-gripping story of his wife’s battle with cancer and shares the breathtaking photographs of their journey together.


A variety of literature on cancer, ranging from books on coping with the disease, chemotherapy, and loss to memoirs from inspiring individuals:

A Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas
Abigail’s memoir of coping with a traumatic accident that crippled her husband.

Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber
A book of developments in cancer research and tips on how prevent and fight cancer.

Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do: Third Edition by Greg Anderson
A book that teaches practical steps on how to beat a diagnosis and live with hope.

Chemo: Secrets to Thriving: From someone who’s been there by Roxanne Brown
A detailed, step-by-step guide that covers all things chemotherapy.

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr
A scrapbook-style book of tips and tricks from actress and photographer, Kris Carr.

Diagnosis Cancer: Your Guide Through the First Few Months by Wendy Schlessel Harpham
A guide on how to choose the best care in the medical system.

Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide To Cancer in Your 20’s and 30’s by Kairol Rosenthal
A compilation of stories from young adults about living with cancer.

Getting Past the Fear: A guide to help you mentally prepare for chemotherapy by Nancy Stordahl
An ebook written by our very own spotlight blogger, Nancy, about the emotional journey of facing chemotherapy. Read her firsthand account and personal tips for alleviating the fear and anxiety of chemotherapy.

Living Well with Cancer: A Nurse Tells You Everything You Need to Know by Katen Moore
A book by an oncology nurse who discusses coping mechanisms for the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments.

Losing a Parent: Practical Help For You And Other Family Members – by Fiona Marshall
A book focused on handling the emotions and anxieties of losing a parent and how to move forward.

Model Patient: My Life As An Incurable Wise-Ass by Karen Duffy
The hilarious memoir of a famous spokesmodel as she faced a life-threatening disease head-on.

Motherless Daughters: A Legacy of Loss by Hope Edelman
A courageous book about daughters losing their mothers and their journey through grief and heartache.

The Battle We Didn’t Choose: My Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer
The powerful story of Jennifer Merendino’s battle with breast cancer as told through photographs taken by her husband (and SDN Spotlight blogger) Angelo Merendino. Available for digital download September 1st.

The Breast Cancer Survival Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Woman with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer by John Link
An informational guide written to help women facing treatment feel empowered and knowledgeable as they approach cancer.

The Chemotherapy & Radiation (Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Survivor’s Guide) by Judith McKay
A complete breakdown of steps and medical terminology to know while undergoing cancer treatments.

The Mercy Papers:   A Memoir of Three Weeks by Robin Romm
The memoir of a daughter coping with her mother’s illness and the tale of how she pushes forward after her mother’s death.

Writing to Recover: The Journey from Loss and Grief to a New Life by Harriet Hodgson, BS, MA
An interactive book that prompts writing to cope with grief.


Aviation networks that provide free or discounted flights for specialized health care facilities or general travel:

Airlines with a discounted fare:


Organizations that provide accommodations for cancer patients during their treatment:


Centers and organizations that provide informational resources about varying types of cancer, research, fundraising, and support:

American Association for Cancer Research
An organization dedicated to finding a cure to cancer.

American Cancer Society: Relay For Life
A fundraising campaign that fights cancer and funds research.

American Society of Clinical Oncology
An extensive collection of information about the many types of cancer.

Avon Foundation For Women
Information about breast cancer and ways to get involved and show your support.

Cancer Care
A site that focuses on professional support for anyone affected by cancer.

Cancer Hope Network
A national community that assists patients by matching them with partners who have undergone the same experience.

Cancer Support Community
A national community that provides support and teaches others about cancer.

Cancer Wellness Center
A community that finds individuals to help assist patients as they go through diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Survivors Network
A network where you can interact with and read the stories of other survivors.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
A long standing institute dedicated to providing resources and medical advances to fight against cancer.

Debbie’s Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer
A non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about stomach cancer, advancing funding for research, and providing education and support internationally to patients, families, and caregivers.

Gabrielle’s Angels
A foundation to encourage the development of more effective therapies for leukemia and related cancers.

Informational slides regarding cancer.

Information about the varying stages of breast cancer.

His Breast Cancer Awareness
Information and resources about male breast cancer.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
An organization designed to improve the quality of life of patients and families affected by leukemia and lymphoma.

An organization focused on improving the lives of cancer survivors.

My Lifeline
An organization that assists in creating a free, customized website to build online support.

National Cancer Institute
A part of the National Institutes of Health that provides information and resources about all types of cancer.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
An organization that provides tools to help empower people and advocate for themselves.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network
A non-profit alliance focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of care for cancer patients.

National Institutes of Health
A part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that researches important medical discoveries that improve health and save lives.

National Marrow Donor Program
An organization that offers the opportunity to donate bone marrow or umbilical cord blood to those in need.

National Patient Advocate Foundation
A non-profit organization focused on health care legislation.

Stand Up To Cancer
An organization dedicated to ending cancer.

Stupid Cancer
A foundation focused on support for young adults affected by cancer.

Susan G Komen For The Cure
A non-profit organization that raises awareness about breast cancer.

The Gathering Place
A caring community center with multiple resource pages.

T.J. Martell Foundation
A non-profit organization focused on raising money for research for leukemia, cancer, and AIDs.


Organizations that offer a variety of free resources ranging from products, like hats and scarves, to moral support and pen pals:

American Cancer Society: TLC Direct
A catalog from the American Cancer Society that provides wigs, hats, scarves, and mastectomy products for women at affordable prices.

Cleaning for A Reason
A non-profit organization that works with professional house cleaning groups to provide free cleaning services for those who are undergoing treatment.

Good Wishes
A simple mission that provides a Good Wishes scarf to every individual experiencing thinning hair or hair loss due to treatment or illness.

Look Good Feel Better
A free instructional program that teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer.

The Lydia Project
An organization that handcrafts a tote that they will send to any woman in the world.

The Reid Sleeve People
A medical center that will send a free alertband to any patient that is at risk of or has lymphedema.


Organizations and facilities that offer retreats for cancer patients and survivors:

Casting for Recovery
An national organization that offers an all inclusive weekend where you can enjoy the outdoors and learn to fly fish.

Camp Make-A-Dream
A beautiful, cost-free Montana experience for individuals of all ages with medical supervision included.

Camp Sunshine
A fun, cost-free outdoor experience that provides many activities for children in Georgia.

Commonweal Cancer Help Program
A program that offers a free week-long retreat for patients during any stage of cancer.

First Descents
An organization that offers a free outdoor experience, including rock climbing, paddling, and surfing in Colorado to adventurous young-adult cancer fighters and survivors

Harmony Hill
A cancer program in the hills of Washington for a one or three-day workshop focused on the psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of participants.

Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreat
A retreat facility in Hawaii that is focused on holistic methods to assist participants.

Little Pink House of Hope
An organization that provides a free week-long retreat in the Carolinas to breast cancer patients and their families.

Second Wind Retreat
A cottage located in the hills of north Georgia that provides a nice getaway for those undergoing cancer treatments.

Smith Center For Healing and The Arts
A week-long retreat planned in Washington, D.C. that provides physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for patients in the midst of cancer

Stowe Weekend of Hope
An inspirational retreat weekend in Vermont for cancer survivors and their families. The first visit is free and returning visits are discounted.

Women Beyond Cancer
Multiple retreat options to destinations like Maine, Utah, and Costa Rica where you are pampered and cared for. Some trips are free, while others are available for a small fee.

For additional survivor retreats, check here.


Useful sites about how to help kids cope with news of a cancer diagnosis:
Ten tips to help teenagers cope with a parent’s cancer diagnosis.

American Cancer Society
An article that discusses how to help children when a family member has cancer.

Cancer Council
A list of reasons why you should talk to your children about cancer.

Cancer Research UK
Tips on how to talk to your children about your cancer diagnosis.

Grief Speaks
A helpful resource for helping your children cope with your diagnosis, including useful lists of books and websites.

Kids Konnected
A retreat for children whose parents have cancer that gives them an opportunity to bond with other kids going through the same situation.

DVDs that help explain cancer and chemotherapy to children.

Someone I Know Is Sick
A book designed to help explain cancer to a young child.

When a Parent Has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your Children by Wendy S. Harpham
A book written to help explain the cancer treatment process to a child.


Additional information regarding cancer awareness:

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