Samantha Brown’s Self-Defense Scarf!


Does anyone else out there love to watch Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel?  She visits interesting destinations around the globe and manages to look stylish while doing it.

Take this casual outfit for a day of sightseeing in Cambodia, for instance:

The pop of bright blue is the perfect touch.  But what makes this outfit really unique is that scarf.

krama scarf

Sam bought it in Cambodia. It’s called a krama, a traditional Cambodian scarf.  The krama is used as a fashion accessory, a head scarf, to keep warm…oh, and in self defense.

There’s an ancient martial art called bokator that, in addition to the kicks and punches and ninja strikes of other martial arts, utilizes the scarf in its fighting techniques.

Bokator warriors like this guy wear the traditional krama around their heads and waists, but when it’s time to fight, they can whip the scarf off and use it to get a strangle hold on their opponent!

If you like style of Sam’s krama, have a look at the kendra striped scarf:

Whether you know the ancient art of bokator or not, these cute colors and bright stripes will stop any would-be ninjas in their tracks!

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