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Over the past few months, we’ve asked our favorite fashion bloggers to knot, twist, tie, loop, twirl, drape, braid, and style our very own scarves. Along the way, we’ve chatted with each gorgeous gal, asking her questions about her life, her closet, and her loves. The result? A Scarf Style Guide featuring fabulous scarf looks styled by real life ladies.

A Scarf Style Guide

Our next style spotlight is Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey. This gorgeous, artsy Midwest gal loves photography, DIYs, and bohemian-inspired style. From breezy dyed tops to effortless fringed booties, Kinsey certainly knows a thing or two about chic summer style. See how she wore our lovely Mya Tribal Scarf not one, but FOUR different ways, and read her answers to our questions below:

SDN: Best fashion advice your mom ever gave you?

Kinsey: My mom never gave me any fashion advice — something I am so thankful for. She always encouraged us to be who we wanted to be, not who everyone else wanted us to. If we liked it, we wore it! It didn’t have to match perfectly or be a current trend; she just let us be ourselves.

SDN: Which scarf knot from The Knot Library fits your style the best?

Kinsey: The Scarf Bustier!

Scarf Bustier

Four Ways to Style a Summer Scarf

  • Strap: When the weather gets sweltering this season, give your neck a break and loop your scarf around your purse strap like Kinsey.
  • Belt: Jazz up your jean shorts by knotting your scarf in different places and pulling it through your belt loops.
  • Headband: We love the retro look of a scarf headband at the pool or beach (plus, it keeps your scalp from getting burned)!
  • Loop: For breezier summer days (or to add some character to a simple tank), loop a scarf around your neck and be on your way!

For detailed instructions on how Kinsey pulled off each look, visit her post hereFor even more ways to tie the Mya, see how we styled her for spring, too!

Be sure to check back to the blog regularly for more scarf swoons from our favorite bloggers, and stay tuned for our Scarf Style Guide reveal later this season. Thanks again to Kinsey for being a part of our project!

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